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Ahmet Selçuk İlkan’a ait şiirlerin ingilizceleri, ingilizce çevirileri.. İngilizceye çevrilmiş Ahmet Selçuk İlkan şiirleri, poems.

Ahmet Selçuk İlkan


Ahmet Selçuk İlkan İngilizce Şiirleri

Ahmet Selçuk İlkan’a ait olan Seni Arıyorum, Gözlerin Kal Diyor, Allah Kahretsin ve Uykusuz şiirlerinin ingilizce çevirileri.

I Look For You (Seni Arıyorum Şiiri)

Evening comes soon to my loneliness
i walk around streets, look for you
yearning for you in the fires of my heart
i burn like flames and flames, look for you

Tears get dry on my cheeks
A melancholic whistle on my lips
my cigarattes reachs to mornings in my fingers
i inhale breath by breath, look for you

as your shadow appears on my path
walk step by step, follow you..
A wild longing goes into my blood
i drink sip by sip, look for you
Ahmet Selçuk İlkan


Your Eyes Say Stay (Gözlerin Kal Diyor Şiiri)

How kinda farewell is this, what kinda goodbye
your eyes saying stay, your lips saying go
your look key, your eyes lock
your hands say open, your lips say go

Seperation is river with no turn back
Loneliness is a ruined deserted city
who knows how many love turned to ash like that
your tears say stay, your lips go

If i go, wont turn back
If i stay, will be beaten to my heart
I couldnt understand you, will go mad
your eyes say stay, your lips say go
Ahmet Selçuk İlkan

God Damn (Allah Kahretsin Şiiri)

I know this won’t last long like this
One morning, I will drop my heart into the hands of a beggar
I don’t care who says what!
I can’t stand any more

I am tired of living you without you
You won’t come back anyway
I feel like I will go mad
God damn! ..

I find myself roaming around where you used to be
It feels like you will appear right behind the corner
It feels like you are waiting for me at the bus stops
A few days ago, I met someone on the same street


The hair, the eyes, the looks, just like you
I ran with excitement
And for the first time in my life, I was slapped
God damn! …

The world is in fires
Wars are all around us
People are dying of hunger in Africa
And it looks like I will die of being without you

Do you care?
Who knows where the hell you are!
God damn! ..

No matter which table I sit at
They serve me the drink you like
My vase is filled with the flowers you like
And in my lips, the songs you like
I celebrate your birthdays without you

And every morning, I pray for your happiness
Whatever I do, wherever I go
You are after me like my death
God damn! ..

Mine is a love like this
At this time, in this age
You are right, I will never grow up
The best is to end this life

Or to let my body go off the scariest cliffs
Into the endless seas
But I have you inside
What if something happens to you?
God damn! ..
Ahmet Selçuk İlkan

Sleepless (Uykusuz Şiiri)

Again, the clocks are ringing the morning
Only a night lamb and a me is sleepless
My ear is always on your foot step
Only those sidewalks and a me is sleepless

My wounded heart is in ambush anytime
Maybe you come back with the dawn
Now all the city is in deep sleep
Only those hurt eyes and a me is sleepless

Only that was the witness on your last night
I burn again when its every turning on
Silent and lonely like me on a corner
Only the street lamp and a me is sleepless

I am on duty on streets
My eyes are always on the dawns
Though you are far from me
Only a night guard and a me is sleepless
Ahmet Selçuk İlkan


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