Astronot (Astronaut) Mesleğinin İngilizce Tanıtımı, İngilizce Bilgi


Astronot, Astronaut ne iş yapar, ingilizce olarak açıklaması. Astronot mesleğinin ingilizce tanıtım yazısı, astronaut hakkında ingilizce bilgi.



Astronot Mesleğinin İngilizce Tanıtımı (Astronaut)


The Job of an Astronaut

An astronaut typically boards a spaceship to fly on important missions for a specific purpose. As part of the crew, they have different assigned responsibilities to uphold as they aboard the spacecraft. An astronaut has various key roles to play which includes being a mission specialist to a commander. Those who have acquired years of experience and impressive background are the ones given more responsibilities to fulfill. Astronauts are also responsible to keep the safety of the whole crew and spacecraft. What they often do when they reach their destination is to observe the environment, take some essential samples from the place or bringing something back there.

For every mission astronauts have, they must undergo training first and ensure the maintenance of their physical health as it would be a great factor for successful carrying out of missions and flying of spacecraft.

Education and Training Requirements

The minimum requirement needed to become an astronaut is a bachelor’s degree but usually there is a specific focus preferred which is a bachelor’s degree in a space – related course which includes biology or other forms of science, math, psychology, and engineering. Most of the astronauts have advance degrees.

The most intense part of becoming an astronaut is the training program itself. They should keep their physical shape excellent and this may be the main focus of their training. They should pass various physical examinations to be chosen for a mission. Astronauts should conform to a very strict training program which is set by NASA and it includes physical examinations, comprehension examinations, and there are also tests that would challenge their knowledge and skills in so many areas. It is very important that an astronaut must pass these examinations because this will be a basis and measure of their overall status. In addition to that, astronauts also undergo training in simulation exercises so they would feel how it is to be in space already and for preparation purposes too.


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