Been İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – Been Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde been geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. Been’in ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. Been ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

Been ile cümleler


Been İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***I have been busy.
  2. ***They have been busy.
  3. ***It’s been a long time.
  4. ***Have you ever been on TV?
  5. ***I’ve never been to Paris.
  6. ***Have you ever been mugged?
  7. ***Wow! It’s been a long time.
  8. ***He has been sick for a week.
  9. ***He’s always been kind to me.
  10. ***I have been to the barber’s.
  11. ***Have you ever been to Canada?
  12. ***Have you ever been to Mexico?
  13. ***I wish you’d never been born.
  14. ***She has been dead five years.
  15. ***I know that she has been busy.
  16. ***We’ve been friends ever since.
  17. ***Where have you been up to now?
  18. ***Have you ever been to an opera?
  19. ***I know you’ve been avoiding me.
  20. ***Have you been told when to come?
  21. ***He has been like a father to me.
  22. ***He has been very busy this week.
  23. ***I wish I had been with her then.
  24. ***It’s been raining since morning.
  25. ***He has been sick for a long time.
  26. ***He has been sick in bed all week.
  27. ***I wish I had been there with you.
  28. ***It has been cold since yesterday.
  29. ***It has been raining since Sunday.
  30. ***He asked me what I had been doing.
  31. ***I’ve never been this happy before.
  32. ***She must have been very beautiful.
  33. ***What do you think I’ve been doing?
  34. ***Where have you been all this time?
  35. ***He has been in Japan for two years.
  36. ***I have been a teacher for 15 years.
  37. ***I’ve been to Australia three times.
  38. ***He’s been sick in bed for four days.
  39. ***How long have you two been together?
  40. ***I have just been to the post office.
  41. ***Have you been told about the problem?
  42. ***He’s been waiting here for a long time.
  43. ***Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
  44. ***I’ve been snowed under with work lately.
  45. ***She’d never been this frightened before.
  46. ***He’s been waiting here for quite a while.
  47. ***I’ll never forget how kind you have been.
  48. ***I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.
  49. ***It has been ten years since I left Japan.
  50. ***My mother has been sick since last month.
  51. ***She has been absent since last Wednesday.
  52. ***The game has been indefinitely postponed.
  53. ***Have you been told where to park your car?
  54. ***Have you been told why we didn’t hire you?
  55. ***He has been to the station to see her off.
  56. ***I have been to the airport to see him off.
  57. ***I have been to the station to see her off.
  58. ***I have been to the station to see him off.
  59. ***My father has never been sick in his life.
  60. ***She has never been in a car driven by him.
  61. ***I found a rare book I had been looking for.
  62. ***I have been abroad several times this year.
  63. ***I haven’t been back here since the incident.
  64. ***She has been dating him for about two years.
  65. ***Have you been told where the meeting will be?
  66. ***I have been studying English for three years.
  67. ***I’ve been thinking about the meaning of life.
  68. ***I’ve just been to the airport to see her off.
  69. ***If we’d been on that plane, we’d be dead now.
  70. ***She has been studying French for a few years.
  71. ***He has been playing tennis since this morning.
  72. ***I have a feeling that I have been here before.
  73. ***Tom has been talking on the phone for an hour.
  74. ***I have been to the station to see my uncle off.
  75. ***I’ve been very busy since the new term started.
  76. ***Your advice has always been very helpful to me.
  77. ***I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there.
  78. ***I’m worn out, because I’ve been standing all day.
  79. ***She has been watching television for three hours.
  80. ***I came to the conclusion that I had been deceived.
  81. ***I think there has been some misunderstanding here.
  82. ***Jack and Betty have been going steady for a month.
  83. ***There has always been war and there always will be.
  84. ***Have you been told when you are expected to be here?
  85. ***He gave an explanation about why he had been absent.
  86. ***He saw at a glance that his daughter had been crying.
  87. ***I’ve been thinking that I may have been too critical.
  88. ***Tom said that he had been cleaning the house all day.
  89. ***Have you been told the reasons why we didn’t hire you?
  90. ***I have been acquainted with her for more than 20 years.
  91. ***It’s been a week, but I’m still suffering from jet lag.
  92. ***She must have been very young when she wrote this poem.
  93. ***I haven’t been back here since that unfortunate incident.
  94. ***If he had been there, I could have given him your message.
  95. ***Tom and Mary have been married for more than thirty years.
  96. ***I think you’re the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life.
  97. ***I think it’s time for me to reconsider how I’ve been living.
  98. ***Peter has been trying to find a new apartment for some time.
  99. ***Thousands of dead fish have been found floating in the lake.
  100. ***Could you please tell me again how many times you’ve been here?
  101. ***Mary and I have been acquainted with each other for many years.
  102. ***I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to your visit.
  103. ***Prophets have been forecasting the end of the world for centuries.
  104. ***I know how to solve the problem, but I’ve been asked not to tell you.
  105. ***Recently, there have been signs that the economy is picking up steam.
  106. ***When I was feeding my dog, I noticed that the gate had been left open.
  107. ***Tom has been convicted of drunken driving twice in the last four years.
  108. ***Tom asked me how long my parents had been married before they separated.
  109. ***I can’t tell you everything I’ve been told because I’ve been told not to.
  110. ***It’s been raining heavily since this morning, so I don’t want to go anywhere.
  111. ***I know you’ve been waiting a long time, but could you wait just a little bit longer?
  112. ***For some reason, people have been avoiding me like the plague ever since I got back from India.
  113. ***I thought doing this would be easy, but we’ve been working all day and we’re still not finished.
  114. ***If you’d told me about it earlier, I could’ve been free. However, tomorrow I have plans to go back home.
  115. ***A lot of people who have up until now been spending money having a good time now need to be more careful with their money.

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