Bone (Kemik) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Bone (Kemik) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. Bone (Kemik) ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. Bone ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri

  1. ***He gave the dog a bone.
  2. ***I can feel it in my bones.
  3. ***Have you ever broken a bone?
  4. ***Tom was nothing but skin and bone.
  5. ***I got a fish bone stuck in my throat.
  6. ***I have a fish bone stuck in my throat.
  7. ***I don’t like to eat fish with many bones.
  8. ***I hit my funny bone on the edge of the table.
  9. ***I saw the old man feed his dog chicken bones.
  10. ***Tom visited Mary, who was in the hospital with a broken bone.
  11. ***Just saying you don’t like fish because of the bones is not really a good reason for not liking fish.
  12. ***Dogs often bury bones.
  13. ***I’m chilled to the bone.
  14. ***I was frozen to the bone.
  15. ***She is all skin and bone.
  16. ***A bone stuck in my throat.
  17. ***I was chilled to the bone.
  18. ***The dog chewed on the bone.
  19. ***This fish has a lot of bones.
  20. ***I have a bone to pick with you.
  21. ***I feel chilled to the bone today.
  22. ***Our dog buries bones in the yard.
  23. ***Why do you have a fractured bone?
  24. ***You need more meat on your bones.
  25. ***There are many bones in your body.
  26. ***Buffalo bones were made into tools.
  27. ***Our dog buries bones in the garden.
  28. ***He broke one of the bones in his leg.
  29. ***The bones remained frozen in the ice.
  30. ***The human skull consists of 23 bones.
  31. ***He says he has a bone to pick with you.
  32. ***Our dog buries its bones in the garden.
  33. ***She doesn’t have a lazy bone in her body.
  34. ***This fish has a lot of small bones in it.
  35. ***Tom broke some bones in his arm and hand.
  36. ***You shouldn’t feed chicken bones to dogs.
  37. ***He was accused of stealing dinosaur bones.
  38. ***The dog ate the fish, bones, tail and all.
  39. ***X rays are used to locate breaks in bones.
  40. ***I almost choked on a piece of chicken bone.
  41. ***I broke a bone in my foot while exercising.
  42. ***He met with an accident and broke some bones.
  43. ***As far as I can tell, there are no broken bones.
  44. ***I gave the dog a bone. That stopped its barking.
  45. ***The dog was busy burying his bone in the garden.
  46. ***After the bone has set, the cast will be removed.
  47. ***The spinal column is composed of twenty-four bones.
  48. ***It’ll take the bone a month or so to set completely.
  49. ***I feel in my bones that the party will be a great success.
  50. ***I feel in my bones that they will never get along well together.


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