Boomerang Ne Demek – İngilizce Türkçe Anlamı


Boomerang nedir? Boomerang kelimesinin okunuşu, ingilizce ve türkçe karşılığı, ilgili ve türetilmiş kelimeler ve cümle içinde kullanımları.

Boomerang Ne Demek – İngilizce Türkçe Anlamı

“Boomerang Okunuşu”

“Boomerang Türkçe Anlamı”



geri tepen plân
aleyhe dönen durum


geri tepmek
aleyhe dönmek

“İngilizce Açıklama (Description)”

1. n. A curved wooden weapon used by the natives of Australia. Some forms of it, when thrown, will return to the thrower.
2 n. Something said or done against someone else which turns out to hurt the originator.
3 v. To return in this way: His plot boomeranged.
* This word comes from an Australian aborigine name for the weapon.


“Boomerang Cümle İçinde Kullanımı”

***Draw a boomerang shape on the card with a pen.

***What we repress, if it is repressed severely enough, can boomerang back on us.

***I threw the boomerang across the field.

***As soon as I spoke he raised the boomerang to throw it.

***That is going to boomerang back on you.

***The boomerang was a weapon at one time.


***To let fly with his caustic wit risks a boomerang effect.

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