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Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
I am here to tell you a story
of someone quite funny.
He’s a cute little rabbit
by the name of Bugs Bunny.
He has lots of adventures
all over the world.
He is loved by the young and the old,
by both boys and by girls.
He loves to play pranks
and outsmarts all his foes.
He puts dynamite in their guns
and lights matches between their toes.
He is surrounded with other characters
and other cast you may know.
Sylvester and Tweety, Taz,
and Elmer Fudd are just a few from his show.
Daffy Duck gets very jealous
of all the attention Bugs receives.
Daffys the best on the show,
or so he believes.
Bugs is a timeless classic
watched by most kids.
I know for one my son loves him
just as much as i did.

Bugs Bunny
Many years of laughs
and fun. His “Golden years”
are never done.
He hops around and
fools old Elmer.
He is quite the amazing
His “What’s Up Doc?”
is very funny.
Bugs will always
be the world’s
favorite bunny.
Paula Heath


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