C Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Eşyalar


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C Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Eşyalar

C Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Eşyalar


a cupboard used for holding or storing things, or a group of advisors.
Türkçesi: Dolap


a box or enclosed structure made of wires, bars, etc., for confining birds or animals
Türkçesi: kafes


An apparatus or container for measuring the heat generated by a chemical reaction, change of state, or formation of a solution.
Türkçesi: Kalorimetre


an electronic device that captures pictures, movies or other visual images either digitally or on film.
Türkçesi: kamera, Fotoğraf makinesi


The definition of a candle is a mass of wax with a wick in the middle for burning.
Türkçesi: mum

Candle holder

a holder for a candle; candlestick.
Türkçesi: Mumluk


a holder for a candle
Türkçesi: Şamdan


A light, slender, usually open boat that has pointed ends and is propelled by paddles.
Türkçesi: kano


a surface you paint on that is often made from tightly stretched unbleached cloth or a closely woven fabric that is often used to make boat sail, purses and upholstery.
Türkçesi: Tuval


a piece of clothing without any sleeves that’s worn over the shoulders and attaches at the front of the neck.
Türkçesi: pelerin


a car is an automobile or the part of an elevator, train, etc. that carries people or freight.
Türkçesi: araba


Card is defined as a flat, stiff thick piece of paper, often used to express a greeting, play a game or prove identification, or a wire brush or machine used to raise nap on a cloth.
Türkçesi: kart


a thick, heavy fabric of wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers for covering a floor, stairs, etc.: it is woven, usually with a pile, or felted
Türkçesi: halı


A cylindrical, usually metal casing containing the primer and charge of ammunition for firearms.
Türkçesi: Fişek


a large fortified building or set of buildings where royalty lives, or a large and impressive house.
Türkçesi: kale


a series of objects, people or events which are connected to one another, or a flexible series of metal links.
Türkçesi: Zincir


A chair is defined as a piece of furniture for one person to sit on.
Türkçesi: sandalye


an instrument that charges or replenishes storage batteries.
Türkçesi: Şarj aleti


A game board marked with 64 squares, used in playing chess.
Türkçesi: satranç tahtası


a chisel is a hand tool with a wedge shaped blade that is driven with a mallet or hammer.
Türkçesi: Keski


a pair of small sticks of wood, ivory, plastic, etc., held together in one hand and used in Asian cuisine as eating and cooking utensils
Türkçesi: Çin yemek çubukları


a trumpet with a clear high pitched tone.
Türkçesi: Zurna


a clip is something that fastens or holds together, or the act of cutting.
Türkçesi: klips


a long loose fitting piece of clothing worn over other clothes, sometimes with a hood and loose fitting arm holes.
Türkçesi: pelerin


a device for measuring and showing the time of day, or a decoration on the side of a sock or stocking coming up from the ankle.
Türkçesi: saat


a shoe, sandal, etc. with a thick, usually wooden
Türkçesi: takunya


The definition of cloth is something made of fibrous material.
Türkçesi: Bez


clothes are garments worn on the body for protection or adornment.
Türkçesi: giysi


a small tray, mat, or disk placed under a glass or bottle to protect a table or other surface
Türkçesi: bardak altlığı


a coat is a layer of something on a surface, or the fur covering an animal, or an outer layer of clothing.
Türkçesi: ceket

Coffee table

A long low table, often placed before a sofa.
Türkçesi: Sehpa


An oblong box in which a corpse is buried.
Türkçesi: Tabut


The definition of a colander is a large bowl with holes for draining liquid.
Türkçesi: Kevgir


a collar is the part of a garment that goes around the neck, or something that is worn around the neck.
Türkçesi: yaka


a comb is a thin, toothed tool used to arrange, smooth, untangle or hold hair.
Türkçesi: tarak


a compass is a tool with two pointed legs connected by a hinge, one end with a writing device the other used as a stable pivot, used for drawing perfect circles and other things.
Türkçesi: Pergel


electronic device that makes and stores quick calculations or processes information.
Türkçesi: Bilgisayar


Small pieces or streamers of colored paper that are scattered around during the course of festive occasions
Türkçesi: konfeti


The definition of a console is a storage compartment or cabinet.
Türkçesi: Konsol


an apparatus or utensil for cooking
Türkçesi: Tencere


A machine that makes copies of printed or graphic matter.
Türkçesi: Fotokopi makinesi


The definition of a cord is string or rope that ties or a measurement of cut firewood.
Türkçesi: kordon


The lightweight elastic outer bark of the cork oak, used especially for bottle closures, insulation, floats, and crafts.
Türkçesi: mantar


a horizontal molding projecting along the top of a wall, building, etc.
Türkçesi: Korniş


thread or cloth made of cotton
Türkçesi: pamuk


The definition of a couch is a large piece of furniture for sitting or laying down.
Türkçesi: kanepe


a cover is something that goes over, rests on the surface or provides a place to hide.
Türkçesi: Örtü

Cowboy Hat

A hat having a tall usually creased crown and a very wide brim, often made of felt or straw and characteristically worn by cowboys
Türkçesi: kovboy Şapka


a cradle is a small, low bed for a baby, or the earliest period of life.
Türkçesi: beşik


Crane is defined as a large machine used to lift and move very heavy things.
Türkçesi: vinç


a small stick of chalk, charcoal, or colored wax, used for drawing, coloring, or writing
Türkçesi: mum boya


A machine or device for separating cream from milk.
Türkçesi: Sütlük


One that crisps, especially a compartment in a refrigerator used for storing vegetables and keeping them fresh.
Türkçesi: Sebzelik


Crown is defined as royalty, or a circular headdress worn by royalty, or an award, or the highest part of something.
Türkçesi: taç


a small, open container for beverages, usually bowl-shaped and with a handle
Türkçesi: fincan


curtain is any sort of covering, especially a piece of cloth that covers a window or opening.
Türkçesi: perde


a cushion is something padded that adds comfort, support or lessens impact.
Türkçesi: Minder

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