Can Yücel İngilizce Şiirleri, Şiirlerinin İngilizceleri (Can Yücel Poems)


Can Yücel’e ait şiirlerin ingilizceleri, şiirlerinin ingilizce çevirileri. İngilizceye çevrilmiş Can Yücel şiirleri, poems.

Can Yücel

Can Yücel İngilizce Şiirleri

Can Yücel’e ait Özledim Seni, Her şey Sende Gizlidir, Sevgi Duvarı ve Farzet Hiç Ayrılmadık şiirlerinin ingilizce çevirileri.

Missed You (Özledim Seni Şiiri)

missed you…
leaving scracthing my heart for so long
mising you is drugging my brain
even though we dont get together often
knowing that you are with me

is warming inside of me for long
i understand newly.
your absence,

get out of being a stucked pain into my heart
(appeared) as a continually emptiness
begining to the mornings with caressing you
in the evenings putting everything aside
but talking with you, i miss them…


our playings
our walks
your sweet naughtiness
your childish offendings…

how you were strong to others
while defending me
and how you were tender
with a couple of slitted eyes
when you leave yourself to my caresses

Even though i never want you to go
to see that you have to do that
and without saying you those
to say ‘go now’

‘as soon as you forget me, that soon
you will meet the happiness’
haw hard to say to you…

not to be able to see you and maybe after years
when we met
to want you to look at me as a stranger…
and to deal with my heart that i forbid another love…
Can Yücel

Everything Depends on You (Her şey Sende Gizlidir Şiiri)

You are as heavy as the ground pulls you,
As light as your wings flutter..
You are as alive as your heart beats,
As young as your eyes see distance…


You are as good as the people you love,
As bad as the people you hate..
Whatever the color of your eyebrows and your eyes are,
Your color is what the one facing you sees..

Don’t think that what you lived is what you gained:
You are as close to the end as you lived; however long you live,
Your life is as long as you love..
You are as happy as you can smile.

Don’t be sad, know that you will smile as much as you cry
Don’t think that everything is over,
You will be loved as much as you love.
The value nature gives you is in the rise of the sun
And you are as human as the value you give to the one facing you.
If you will lie one day;

Let the one you address believe you as much as the trust for you.
The longing for the loved one is in the moon light,
And you are as close to your love as you long for.
Don’t forget, you are as wet as it rains,
As warm as the sun warms you.

You are as alone as you feel alone
And as strong as you feel strong.
You are as beautiful as you feel beautiful..
This is life!

This is living,
You live as much as you remember this
When you forget this, you feel as cold as every breath you take
And you are forgotten as soon as you forget
A flower is as beautiful as it is watered,

Birds are as sweet as they chitter,
A baby is as baby as it cries.
And you know everything as much as you learn, learn this as well,
Can Yücel

The Wall of Love (Sevgi Duvarı Şiiri)

Was it you or your loneliness
In the blind dark we opened bleary eyes
Last night’s curses on our lips
We would frequent art-lesbian-lovers,

Galleries and public places
My daily care was to remove you into the midst of men
An ammoniac flower in your button hole
My loneliness my incontinent countess

The lower we sink the better
We loitered in the pubs at Kumkapı
With beanstew, beer and wine before us
And police battalions behind us; in the mornings

My Guardian Saints would find my carcass in the gutters
Hot as the garbage-collecfors’ hands,
With their hands I caressed you.
My loneliness my bristle-haired beauty,


The higher we stink the better
I looked in the sky a red flash a plane
Steel and stars and human beings galore
One night we leapt the Wall of love
Where I fell was so clear so open

You and the universe at my side.
Uncountable my deaths, their resurrections.
O loneliness my many songs
The more we can live without lies the better.
Can Yücel

If (Eğer Şiiri)

It is not that important to leave and go
if it didn’t leave gaps behind
that are impossible to fill.
Even the big separations are not that hard to endure,
if they were started at the best moment.

Crying is not something to be ashamed of,
if the tears are coming from the heart.
Stealing is not disgraceful,
if it is the heart of somebody that is stolen.

Love has nothing to be afraid of,
if one could get rid of all skins.
A known voice would not make one so upset,
if it was never heard.

The leakproof embraces would perhaps be forgotten more easily,
if they were not wrapped with passionate love.
The big hazel eyes would head to uncertainty as time passes,
if they didn’t look so crazy.

It would perhaps be easy to forget the burning taste of a wet kiss,
if the heart did not press on the rib cage that hard.
The long night conversations could be replaced by something else,
if the last cigarette was not shared breath by breath.

It wouldn’t snow even on the dreams,
if the fears had not wounded love in the battles.
Time, still as if it will never pass, would fly like an arrow,
if the one that’s worth waiting for would come at the end.

Even the color of the hair in the dreams would fade away with time,
if their inexpressible smell had not stuck on the pillows.
Even that huge, that splendid end, death, would lose its meaning,
If everything worth living was already lived.

Loneliness would not be that unbearable,
If the final glimmer of hope had not faded away.
The spring sun perhaps would not heat this much,
if life did not start again after every loss.

It would perhaps not be necessary to smoke before breakfast,
if a giant wave of longing did not challenge.
Maybe the thin waist would remain in memories,
if even the shameless tea was not given in a thin-waisted glass.


Sleeplessness would not ruin that badly right after short naps,
if the silk skin to touch was not that far away.
Even a jobless home could turn to paradise maybe,
if it was heated by a warm smile.

Poems with the taste of aged wine would not feel as poor,
if there was someone to whisper them to.
It would perhaps not be possible to believe that every love hides a separation deep inside,
if it did not have on its calling card the label ‘first degree perpetrator of so many separations’.

Daisies would not really look down,
if they did not have their shares from your betrayal.
Coasts would not surrender to solitude,
if you did not try to console yourself with aimless strolls on your own faint coasts.

I will be alone after you go.
and I am not afraid of being alone,
but what if I want to hold your hands…
Yes sweetheart,

Who would miss the smell of the sweat inside your palms,
who would want to lie along your thin fingers,
if these eyes had not witnessed a splendid period in their past!!
Can Yücel

Assume We Never Separated (Farzet Hiç Ayrılmadık Şiiri)

Assume we never separated
I am still longing for you
Your magic is still in my eyes
I feel as if we are always together
You and I, and the world
Can Yücel

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