Enough İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Enough geçen İngilizce örnek cümleler. Enough kelimesinin İngilizce cümle içinde kullanımı ile ilgili olarak örnek cümlelerin yer aldığı sayfamız.

Enough İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

*** Donald will find out soon enough.

***Is this good enough for you?

***Mary can’t get enough of it.

***Mayuko has not slept enough.


***Strangely enough, he failed.

***That will be enough for now.

***Tom has been through enough.

***Tom seems reasonable enough.


***You’ll find out soon enough.

***Are you getting enough sleep?

***He did not have enough money.

***He is not old enough to vote.


***He isn’t good enough for her.

***I can never thank you enough.

***I thought I had enough money.

***Is this ladder steady enough?


***My car isn’t powerful enough.

***One language is never enough.

***The old man has enough money.

***Tom doesn’t get enough sleep.


***Tom will be here soon enough.

***We’ve run enough for one day.

***You have to get enough sleep.

***You talk enough for everyone.


***You’re not going fast enough.

***You’ve done more than enough.

***Have you had enough of me yet?

***He does not study hard enough.


***He had more than enough money.

***He has enough money to buy it.

***He was brave enough to say it.

***He was kind enough to help me.


***I have money enough to buy it.

***Is the top rung strong enough?

***Speak loud enough to be heard.

***The sample is not pure enough.


***They did not have enough gold.

***This coffee is not hot enough.

***Will thirty dollars be enough?

***You’re not aiming high enough.


***You’re not trying hard enough.

***Everything seems normal enough.

***He’s old enough to drive a car.

***I was told to get enough sleep.


***I’ve had enough to eat already.

***I’ve had enough to eat for now.

***Is the room big enough for you?

***Make sure you get enough sleep.


***No, thank you. I’ve had enough.

***She is now well enough to work.

***I’ve had enough.

***We have enough time.


***That’s enough for today.

***Are you old enough to vote?

***Is one thousand yen enough?

***Is ten thousand yen enough?


***He had barely enough to eat.

***She isn’t good enough for him.

***He is old enough to drive a car.

***He is old enough to travel alone.


***She was stupid enough to believe him.

***She was stupid enough to go out with him.

***We have barely enough bread for breakfast.

***Are you spending enough time with your kids?


***She didn’t run fast enough to catch the bus.

***I had enough time, so I didn’t need to hurry.

***Does she have enough energy to take a long trip?

***I have a lot of money and enough time to use it.


***He spoke slowly enough for everyone to understand.

***She wasn’t wealthy enough to feed her dog meat every day.

***Spend your time wisely and you’ll always have enough of it.

***Some dog owners wonder if they are feeding their dogs enough.


***I realized that even though I wanted to eat, I didn’t have enough time.

***Many people think that children don’t spend enough time playing outside.

***Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

***She advised him to see the dentist, but he said that he didn’t have enough time to do so.


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