Fast Food İle İlgili İngilizce Kompozisyon


Fast food (junk food) ile ilgili ingilizce kompozisyon örneği. Fast food konulu ingilizce yazı.

Eating Junk Food Too Much


Today, almost no one can’t refuse that nobody has never ate junk food. Everyone has eaten junk food. Why do you want to eat it? How often do you eat it? Junk food is a big problem of eating. There are three reasons why everyone like to eat junk food.

First, the person who is a hard working men or women doesn’t has a time to make food. Junk food is only one choice for them. Because junk food is easy to buy and easy to eat. They think that junk food is proper for them. The second reason, advertising, it affects to people who lazy or credulous person. Advertising can makes people feel hungry. Teenager like to eat a new product same in an old advertising. Many companies advertise promotion that buy one get free one, buy one you will get cartoon gift one. There are advantages of advertising.

The third reason. The people who are addict fast food. Many people are addicted fast food. Because junk food is very tasty, delicious. Someone don’t know about junk food and love a taste of fast food. It’s hard to give up eating junk food. In conclusion, Eating junk food is hard to give up. Because tasty of junk food, It’s easy to buy and take it to your home and etc. So everyone has own reason why


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