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Gelecek (Future) konulu ingilizce kompozisyon örneği. Gelecek hakkında ingilizce yazı, kompozisyon örneği, ingilizce yazılar.

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People have been thinking of all kinds of futures, and I have no exception. Always, people imagine that the future is totally great, but in fact, there will still be many problems in all aspects. So sometimes I think of the past, too. Maybe in the past, the life was also great in some way. Thus, I often think of the past and imagine what the world will be like in the future.

When it comes to the future, I often think that is a convenient world. Many things will be invented and used for convenience. The means of transportation will be greatly changed. For instance, people will drive the small vehicles which have wings with them so they could fly high. Moreover, some kinds of the vehicles even have the jet engines so they could also fly fast like jet planes. Everybody wants to have one because it is cool when you drive it go and from school or work, but you must get the license first. So some people may choose other ways. One is the magnetic train. In the cities, there will often be many cars flying over your head during rush hours. In this situation, you must not want to fly your car into the terrible mess. What should you do? You can take the magnetic train. It floats on the air by magnetic force so there is no friction between the train and the ground; therefore, it can be very fast and people like to take a long distance trip by the magnetic train as well as a short one.

And what kind of energy will people use in the future? Gasoline? Electricity? No. I think the most possible energy for using in the future is solar energy. Because the energy we use now will be run out of in the future such as gas, gasoline, and coal. They all are fuels. It means that if you want to get energy from them, you must burn them first. Thus, you can get what you want, but also, they cause air pollutions. So the best way to get energy is solar system. We cannot use sunlight directly, but we can turn it into some kind of energy which can be used like electricity. Besides, in the whole process, it would not cause any pollution. That is why future people will use it as the best energy resource. And I think they will improve the system over and over to make the most use of it.

However, in the past, at least in my parents’ childhood, what people used the most were their “feet.” It was slower, though, it was also good. You got nothing to worry about because you just walked. When you walked you could feel more about nature. So, even now I also like to take a stroll when I have free time. I can see trees, flowers beside the path and listen to birds singing in the grove.

Nowadays, people have been thinking how great the future will be, but it’s more important to think what we can do now. Because no matter how great the future will be, it is we that will make it out. As the saying goes well, “Acts speak louder than words.” Remember not to keep on imagining. Otherwise, all you imagine will turn out to be illusion and remains nothing.

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