Geology (Coğrafya) İle ilgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Geology (Coğrafya) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler, ile ilgili cümleler. Geology (Coğrafya) kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı.

Geology (Coğrafya) İle ilgili İngilizce Cümleler

Geology (Coğrafya) İle ilgili İngilizce Cümleler

***Some of this stems from a poor understanding of wetland geology and what wetland landforms are.

***These use remote sensing and instruments that can scratch away surfaces to analyse the geology of the Red Planet.

***Howitt himself became interested in geology through his activities on the goldfields as prospector and mining warden.


***She was well on course to gain the grades in chemistry, geology, biology and history she needed to gain university entrance.

***Some weeks later I ran into the geology professor, a friendly person that I got on well with.

***Potential drilling sites are located using 3D seismic data and a deep understanding of geology and geophysics.

***He joined the staff of the university in 1967 as the geology and geophysical sciences librarian.

***The western tip of the South Alkyonides Fault is exposed in the surface geology and geomorphology of the Perachora Peninsula.


***We next review the topographic and geomorphological patterns evident in Scandinavia from the perspective of regional structural geology.

***The Magellan mapped 98 percent of Venus’ surface, thus revolutionizing our understanding of the planet, particularly its geology.

***The two rovers will land on opposite sides of the planet and investigate the geology of regions where liquid water might once have been present.

***Crism also will map the geology, composition, and stratigraphy of various Martian surface features.


***British Geological Survey maps indicate that the geology of the area is generally glacial till with underlying coal measures.

***The geology of the Karaburun Peninsula suggests that the nappes may have been thrust from north of the Mesozoic Karaburun carbonate platform.

***Natural features, such as soils, climate, and geology, are an important influence on water quality in watersheds.

***The local geology has always affected the way in which urban centres develop.

***Currently unresolved issues in Scottish geology include problems of correlation across the Moine Thrust Zone.


***The geology of New Zealand is divided into at least eight terranes of regional extent and a number of smaller tectonic slices.

***There was little interest in peatland geology during this early period outside of the Geological Survey of Canada.

***This volume makes useful contributions to a variety of topics dealing with the Paleogene geology of the North Atlantic region.

***The region’s peculiar geology of soft limestone, called karst, has been especially troublesome.


***Finding oil and gas is a process that combines physics and geology with a lot of engineering technology.

***It’s taken the father-of-three 23 years to complete a BSc in geology and earth sciences from the Open University.

***McPhee is possibly best known for his explorations in earth history and geology which earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for his book.

***Stephen Jay Gould teaches biology, geology, and the history of science at Harvard University.


***A fundamental tenet of the science of geology is the Principle of Uniformitarianism, which states that the present is a key to the past.

***They have undergraduate or graduate degrees in subjects including anthropology, geology, marine science and maritime history.

***The 143,670-square-foot building will house facilities for teaching biology, chemistry, geology, physics and other sciences.

***Physical sciences, particularly earth sciences such as geology and hydrology, are popular subjects for study and research in Oman’s university.


***The country has produced important work in biology, medicine, geology, mathematics, physics, genetics, psychology, and anthropology.

***Portland cement manufacturing incorporates many disciplines, from engineering to chemistry to geology to computer science.

***Indeed, many physicists did not even believe that geology and biology were sciences at all.

***Structural geology is the branch of geology that deals with the description and interpretation of the structure of rocks.


***I take this to be an invitation to actively study genetics, atmospheric sciences and geology and so on.

***Although the earth sciences are best known for geology, at Waterloo the field includes geophysics, hydrogeology and geochemistry.

***When I was in college, my geology professor told us about Lake Nyos, which had formed in a volcano crater in Cameroon, West Africa.

***In the study area, the surface geology of the foreland fold and thrust belt is dominated by the south Urals accretionary complex.

***Volcanic rocks of enormous thickness and deep-seated igneous intrusions from this period have created much of the geology of the Peruvian Andes.


***Granitic magmatism at convergent margins is intrinsic to the growth of continents and is an integral part of Andean geology.

***A full colour photograph, contoured map and additional facts about the history, geology and wildlife of the area accompany each route.

***One time on a geology field trip, a student’s acid bottle, carded in a rear pocket, sprang a leak.

***They will come away, as I did, with a pretty good idea of what the field of forensic geology is all about.


***His compendious book, then, ranges from dry speculation on geology to exquisite description of flora, spangled with remarkably apt epigrams.

***A comparison of estimates of dip separation based on onshore geology and seismic data is presented later in the paper.

***Several nice color maps of the geology, vegetation, and physiography of the state are provided in this chapter.

***It covers science, through physical geography and geology, and humanities, through economic and historical geography.

***More important for archaeologists in the field is the apparent loss to most school children of geology and physical geography.


***It has a good set of beaches, catacombs to explore, and some remarkable fauvist geology.

***Among these are astronomy, climatology, ecology, evolutionary biology, geology, and paleontology.

***Scientists were there to study the marine biology and geology, and naval hydrographers to bring back information to update charts.

***The board found it would have an impact on the geology, hydrogeology and ecology of the area.


***New applications bring together soil data with land use, climate, surficial geology and farm management information.

***Here, the true nature of the geology of the Chiricahuas is laid bare for visitors to observe and ponder.

***Amongst the group were experts in environmental management, ecology, geology, palaeontology, climatology and economics.

***And the same objection can be raised against any of the historical sciences including astronomy, evolutionary biology, geology and palaeontology.

***Contributors include accomplished specialists in geology, paleontology, and paleoanthropology.

***The sixty pages on palaeontology emphasize geology and stratigraphy and chiefly illustrate trilobites.

***Company geologists regularly visit stopes and development headings to gather samples, map local geology, and give direction to miners.

***He thought about it, but he wanted to go into geology and already had a job offer with oil firms.

***Vernadsky defined the biosphere in a rigorous way, from the standpoint of geology.
Scotland’s history has always been a subject of controversy, even when dealing with the million-year calibrations of geology.


***A school has been forced to admit it made a mistake after allowing geology students to hack at the rock face of a beauty spot on a field trip.

***In geology, students learn about the structure of the Earth, volcanoes and the formation and recycling of rocks.

***His compendious book ranges from dry speculation on geology to exquisite description of flora, spangled with remarkably apt epigrams.

***The authors do an excellent job of discussing the nuances between soil science and geology.


***Expanding specialist areas of applied geology have included hydrogeology, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and engineering geology.

***The Atlantic facade offers warm, mostly navigable seas, a complex, mineral-rich geology, and spectacular biodiversity.

***Physiologically based biology and geology took over from natural history towards the end of the nineteenth century.

***First they’re introduced to the internal structures and geometries of the desert geology and botany.

***For 130 miles we plowed through this nebulous and speculative world, peopling it, unpeopling it, fiddling like gods with its probable geology.


***Canadian vineyards are planted on a wide variety of soil types underlain by diverse bedrock geology.

***Her officers, bluejackets, and Scientifics were finally at sea, yet from the perspective of geology they had not yet even left the continents.

***The geology and history of the discovery of the diamond pipes are described in detail in numerous publications.

***This was especially so in the fields of geology, biology, botany and organic chemistry.
Stereochemistry is also important in geology, especially mineralogy, with dealing with silicon based geochemistry.


***I have tried to cover the basic geology and mineralogy of the district and hit a few of the district’s highlights.

***In any case, the contributions of Ibn Sina to several aspects of geology and mineralogy are significant in the history of these sciences.

***He made fundamental contributions to mining geology and metallurgy, mineralogy, structural geology, and paleontology.

***Here is the chance to enjoy ancient geology with the benefit of modern organisation.

***The Other Physical Sciences category includes geology, geography, hydrology, statistics, meteorology, and physics.


***The geology of the complex, poorly exposed and highly deformed and metamorphosed rocks of the Sudetes of SW Poland has long been controversial.

***Carbonate-rich Paleozoic bedrock characterizes the geology of the Mixedwood Plains.

***Many mathematicians were interested in natural philosophy, and geology in particular.

***This more recent house on the Izu Peninsula marks a temporary break with mining the fertile seams of Toyko’s quixotic urban geology.


***In geology, the theory of evolution could explain two agreed facts that had given the scriptural view of creation a hard time.

***There his private income enabled him to take up the new science of geology.

***The origins of marine geology lie in the development of submarine telegraphy in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

***The geology at Grimes Graves comprises a number of flint layers lying below sands and clays and interspersed between chalk.

***Courses related to astrobiology are offered in the departments of geology, biology, physics, and electrical engineering.


***A combination of displays related to paleontology, archeology, geology and history seems to hold some promise as a theme for the weekend.

***But the complex geology overlying the mountain aquifers continues to challenge researchers.

***The geology here is alternating layers of limestone and shale topped with millstone grit.

***The two tropes are geology and archaeology integrated into an anecdotal, memorialising narrative form that demands admiration for its adroitness.

***It lists all the rarer plants of the district, and the zoophytes, and devotes a whole chapter to geology.


***His four books, which ranged over local lore, geology and topography, became standard reading for lovers of the Lake District.

***A team headed by dinosaur expert and the museum’s keeper of geology Dr Phil Manning, have prepared, conserved and interpreted the find.

***Mr. Boskey was a short, portly fellow who wisecracked his way through our daily hour of devotion to the basics of geology.

***There, I am told, we will find compelling disproofs of creationist geology.


***In addition, there are historical photos from expeditions pertaining to scientific studies of Arctic archaeology, glaciology, and geology.

***I have an aesthetic appreciation of rock as a geologist, and in turn people should be persuaded that geology is part and parcel of any appreciation of the world around us.

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