Geri Dönüşüm İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar, Güzel Sözler


Geri dönüşüm, recycle ile ilgili ingilizce slogan örnekleri. Geri Dönüşümün önemi konulu ingilizce sloganlar, güzel sözler.

Geri Dönüşüm İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***Just say no to Styro
  • ***Do it for the Kids- Recycle
  • ***Eat, Sleep, Recycle
  • ***Reuse old news!
  • ***Never refuse to reuse
  • ***Paper, Bottles, Cans, Plastic…recycle them all, it’s Fantastic!
  • ***Recycle today for a better tomorrow
  • ***Waste it once…pay for it twice!
  • ***You can’t change the past but you can change the future, always remember to recycle
  • ***Recycle each and every day, instead of throwing paper and plastic away
  • ***Don’t throw it away, it can be used in some other way
  • ***Recycle takes little effort on your part , for a big difference to our world.
  • ***Don’t throw away, recycle for another day
  • ***Recycle your trash or trash your Earth
  • ***Money grows on trees: Recycle paper
  • ***It’s easy being green- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • ***The choice is yours- Save it or Waste it
  • ***When there is doubt, don’t throw it out
  • ***Why recycle glass? The answer is clear
  • ***Don’t throw your future away
  • ***Don’t trash our future: Recycle
  • ***Think outside the trash…Recycle!
  • ***Recyclers do it over and over again
  • ***Just think before you bin it, there could be some use in it!
  • ***Don’t be trashy- recycle
  • ***Waste is a terrible thing to mind- Recycle
  • ***You will produce about 127, 604 pounds of garbage in your lifetime. Recycle.

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