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If given a chance any kid would like to change her school into a dream school,where most probably there would be no examinations, no pressure of studies fromparents and relatives, all school hours would be leisure hours and more. The list isendless. We all have our own dreams about how to make our school better, and so I do not mind sharing my views about how I would like to have my school changed.

I always dreamt that my dream school would have a large library where children of all classes could go and borrow whichever books they wanted to take. Tohave a cafeteria where school children were allowed during recess, where friends could enjoy their time off, from studies for at least an hour.We all know the value of co-curricular activities in a school going child’s life, therefore I also want that myschool should have proper race grounds, basketball fields, badminton courts andmost importantly a big auditorium where we could stage any play or dance.

I strongly feel the wishes I have enumerated can be implemented, and thefunds can be arranged if the intentions are genuine. The most important thing i wish my dream school to have is a true student-teacher relationship. We only hear of it instories, but finding it for real these days is perhaps one of the toughest things of ourtimes. I want my dream school to have its teachers truly believe in their pupil, to trustthem, to encourage them and to inspire them with the immortal fire of virtues such ascourage, honesty, loyalty, hope and friendship, so that the students have nothing buttrue respect, faith and loyalty towards their teachers and their school. Without this Ifeel, no foundation of any school can ever be strong. I want my dream school toallow freedom of speech, views and ideas to its children, so that when they pass out,they are strong and full of confidence, not weak-minded and slave to fear of theunknown.

I know my idea of a dream school is perhaps as difficult to realize as it is to make the world violence- free. Especially in today’s rat race where getting above 90% is more than attaining true wisdom and knowledge of the subjects we study,which does not leave much time for any true bonding to take place between a pupiland her teacher. However, I strongly believe in my dream, and to create this Utopia, Iknow is difficult but not impossible

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