Honest (Dürüst) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Honest (Dürüst) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler, honest ile ilgili cümleler. Honest (Dürüst) kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı.

Honest İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


Honest İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***I know that John is honest.
  2. ***Thank you for being honest.
  3. ***Tom told Mary to be honest.
  4. ***Bill is honest all the time.
  5. ***Give me your honest opinion.
  6. ***He claims that he is honest.
  7. ***He is far from being honest.
  8. ***I believe that he is honest.
  9. ***I don’t consider him honest.
  10. ***I have been honest with him.
  11. ***They believed he was honest.
  12. ***We assume that he is honest.
  13. ***I believe that she is honest.
  14. ***I doubt whether he is honest.
  15. ***I thought that he was honest.
  16. ***It appears that he is honest.
  17. ***Tom is honest, so I like him.
  18. ***We consider him to be honest.
  19. ***He is very honest in business.
  20. ***honest work never hurt anyone.
  21. ***I think they’re honest people.
  22. ***You need to be honest with me.
  23. ***As far as I know, he is honest.
  24. ***He is too honest to tell a lie.
  25. ***He isn’t as honest as all that.
  26. ***He works hard and he is honest.
  27. ***According to him, she is honest.
  28. ***I like him because he is honest.
  29. ***I want you to be honest with me.
  30. ***Since Tom is honest, I like him.
  31. ***To be always honest is not easy.
  32. ***An honest man never steals money.
  33. ***Both of them are kind and honest.
  34. ***I am relying on you to be honest.
  35. ***I believe that the boy is honest.
  36. ***She was at once frank and honest.
  37. ***She was poor, but she was honest.
  38. ***Since he was honest, I hired him.
  39. ***They believe that Jane is honest.
  40. ***Tom’s an extremely honest person.
  41. ***Warren Harding was an honest man.
  42. ***We think of Tom as an honest man.
  43. ***Come on, be honest. I can take it.
  44. ***Everybody knows that he is honest.
  45. ***I don’t think Tom is being honest.
  46. ***She is apparently an honest woman.
  47. ***The cashier was a very honest man.
  48. ***This fact shows that he is honest.
  49. ***To begin with, you must be honest.
  50. ***It seems to me that you are honest.
  51. ***Everyone considers him to be honest.
  52. ***He is honest. That’s why I like him.
  53. ***He is not just kind, but honest too.
  54. ***I have confidence that he is honest.
  55. ***There is no doubt that he is honest.
  56. ***Always being honest is no easy thing.
  57. ***As far as I know, he’s an honest man.
  58. ***She was satisfied that he was honest.
  59. ***As far as I know, he is an honest man.
  60. ***She is not only honest, but also wise.
  61. ***Tom is too honest a boy to tell a lie.
  62. ***Tom is an honest person, so I like him.
  63. ***An honest man would not do such a thing.
  64. ***He’s very honest, so we can rely on him.
  65. ***It’s not easy to be honest all the time.
  66. ***Let’s be honest. That joke was about me.
  67. ***Tom is an honest boy, so he doesn’t lie.
  68. ***We’re all a little scared, to be honest.
  69. ***I would like to hear your honest opinion.
  70. ***People should be honest with one another.
  71. ***The boy I thought was honest deceived me.
  72. ***Everyone likes Fumio because he is honest.
  73. ***He is so honest that everybody trusts him.
  74. ***He’s very honest, so we can depend on him.
  75. ***Since Tom is an honest person, I like him.
  76. ***I can’t tell if you’re being honest or not.
  77. ***It is because he is honest that I like him.
  78. ***As far as I know, he is honest and reliable.
  79. ***I knew at a glance that he was an honest man.
  80. ***I take it for granted that people are honest.
  81. ***It seems that Mr. Brooke is an honest person.
  82. ***They had heard that he was a very honest man.
  83. ***We can’t deny the fact that Jessie is honest.
  84. ***At least I’m honest and I say I’m not perfect.
  85. ***He is an honest man and will always remain so.
  86. ***I’d like it if you were always honest with me.
  87. ***Tom is an honest boy, so he doesn’t tell lies.
  88. ***To the best of my knowledge, he’s an honest man.
  89. ***Tom is an honest boy, so he wouldn’t tell a lie.
  90. ***If he had been honest, I would have employed him.
  91. ***To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what happened.
  92. ***Could you share your honest opinion on this issue?
  93. ***I made a big mistake thinking he was an honest man.
  94. ***If he had been honest, they would have employed him.
  95. ***To be honest, I’ve never heard of this place before.
  96. ***To my disappointment I found that she wasn’t honest.
  97. ***He got the reputation for being an honest politician.
  98. ***He was honest, strong, and willing to make decisions.
  99. ***To the best of my knowledge, he is honest and reliable.
  100. ***He is kind and gentle, and what is better still, honest.
  101. ***Tom is honest and expects other people to be honest, too.
  102. ***I doubt his abilities even though I’ll admit he is honest.
  103. ***I like him not because he is kind but because he is honest.
  104. ***You better be honest with me, or else I’ll tell our mother.
  105. ***Sometimes it’s hard to be tactful and honest at the same time.
  106. ***To be honest, I don’t understand the reasons for such actions.
  107. ***Everybody except him thanked the critic for her honest opinion.
  108. ***I like him not because he’s courteous, but because he’s honest.
  109. ***I was always honest with you, but you never tried to be honest with me.

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