I. Abdülhamit İngilizce Hayatı


I. Abdülhamit Han’ın İngilizce hayatı. Osmanlı İmparatorluğunun 27. padişahı olan I. Abdülhamit’in İngilizce olarak hayatının yer aldığı sayfa.

I. Abdülhamit İngilizce Hayatı

ABDULHAMID I (1725-1789), was a sultan of Turkey. The son of Ahmed III, he was born on March 20, 1725, and succeeded his brother, Mustafa III, on Jan. 21, 1774. The chief events of his reign were two wars with Russia, both of which were disastrous for Turkey.
I. Abdülhamit
When Abdulhamid acceded to the throne, Turkey was involved in a war with Russia that had begun in 1768. During the first year of his reign, Turkey suffered two devastating defeats by Russian troops and was forced to agree to the humiliating Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji, by which Russia acquired large areas of land from Turkey and gained navigational rights on the Black Sea and through the Straits to the Mediterranean. Another important provision of the treaty set up the Crimea as an independent state.


Turkey was further humiliated in 1775, when Austria, taking advantage of Turkey’s weakness, seized the province of Bukovina, and Persia invaded Kurdistan, touching off another war. Ottoman forces sent to Baghdad were badly defeated, and Basra fell to the Persians in 1776.

Another war with Russia began in 1787, when Empress Catherine II of Russia annexed the Crimea and planned to set up an independent government in Greece, then part of the Ottoman empire. Abdulhamid died on April 7, 1789, after receiving news of a severe defeat of his forces by the Russians.

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