İngilizce Aşk Şiirleri, Aşk (Love Poems) Konulu En Romantik İngilizce Şiirler


İngilizce aşkı anlatan şiirler, aşk şiirleri. İngilizce aşkı, sevgiyi anlatan şiirler. Aşk, sevgi ile ilgili İngilizce şiirler, Love Poems.

İngilizce Aşk Şiirleri

İngilizce Aşk Şiirleri

You And Me

You and me are one of a kind,
You and me are a perfect kind.
We can’t do everything forever,
But I wish we could do everything together.
You and me can do it,
If we put our hearts into it.
John M. Rogers

I Love The Way

I love the way you tell me that I’m beautiful,
and the way you make me laugh like no one else.
I love the way you move the hair away from my eyes,
and then kiss me on my face.

I love the way when you take me to the park
and put your hands around my waist
as we watch the sunset together and feel the ocean breeze.
I love the way you’d sing to me at random moments,
and look at me and smile.

I love the way you leave the smell of your cologne on my clothes after we hug
I love the way you would send me my favorite flowers
along with an ” I LOVE YOU” card.
I love the way you speak your mind and tell me about your opinions.
I love the way you’re not afraid to cry and show your feelings.


I love the way you call me in the middle of the day just to say ” I LOVE YOU.”
and say how much you miss me.
I love the way you tell your friends about me and smile when you do.
I love the way you whisper into my ear,

the way your voice sounds so close to me.
it feels like I’m dreaming.
I love the way you do all of these and the fact that you’re not ashamed to do it.
I love the way you treat me,
and I’m glad to be yours…

When I Am With Her

When I am without her, the sun doesn’t shine as brightly.
When I am without her, the clouds are dark and foreboding.
When I am without her, the birds don’t sing as sweetly.
When I am without her, the walls close in on me.

When I am without her, in the depths of my hell, whispering her name sustains me.
But, when I am with her, she lifts me up.
When I am with her, I have the strength to move mountains.
When I am with her, I can withstand anything.

When I am with her, her smile warms my very soul.
When I am with her, the angels sing her name.
When I am with her, I fall in love all over again.
Richard Giron

My Melody

Amazing and beautiful
not a flower or a tree
Much prettier than that
and only I can see


Loving and caring
right down to the core
Filling me with happiness
and so much more

Eyes are so stunning
cannot look away
Gorgeous and shining
all throughout the day

Here in your arms
is where I belong
The beating of your heart
is like a beautiful song
Eric Pribyl

Take My Hand

Take my hand and lead the way,
Pour out all your deeper thoughts,
Let your soft voice whisper swiftly into my ear,
All these lovely things I want to hear.

Kiss my lips and touch my skin,
Invoke my adrenalin,
And bring out passion deep within,
Draw me near and hold me tight.

Throw away all my sorrows and mourning,
In to the thick darkness of the night,
Claim back the long lost smile,
Back into my face at early dawn,

I’ve been in this custody for years,
Break the walls and enter my heart.
Untie the chains,
Hold my hand and let me out.

Release my soul held deep within…
I’m ready now;
Take my hand,
And let love begin!
Mashudu Nemukula

Life Without You

Me without you,
is like a leafless fall,
a snowless winter,
and a flowerless spring.

Me without you,
is like a colorless rainbow,
a sunless day,
and a starless night.

Me without you,
is like the ocean without a wave,
the beach without sand,
and a flameless fire.


Me without you,
is like a book without words,
a man without a face,
and a child with no name.
Nikki Wilfong


My fire and ice,
My sugar and spice,
My smile in the day,
My tears at night,

My light in the dark,
My safety net,
The person in my dreams that I finally met,
My sunshine and rain,

The only person that can drive me insane,
The rainbow in my sky,
Keep me bright and never let me cry,
Can’t you see?
Good or bad, you’re my everything.
Kay Rajput

I love you with my every Breath

I love you with my every breath,
I make you songs like thunder birds,
Give you my life—you give me death
And stab me with your dreadful words.

You laid my head against your heart
Last night, my lips upon your breast
And now you say that we must part
For fear your heart should be oppressed:

You cannot go against the world
For my sake only—thus your phrase,
But I—God’s beauty is unfurled
In your gold hair, and in your gaze

The wisdom of God’s bride—each soul
That shares his love, and yours and mine,
Two lovers share your aureole
And one is mortal, one divine:

One came on earth that you might know
His love for you—that you deny,
Now you give me this equal blow:
One died for you, and one will die.
by Joseph Plunkett

Could You Be The One?

It feels good to be in your arms,
to feel the warmth of your touch.
I love to look into your beautiful eyes,
to see how much you care.

It feels good to have someone like you,
to think about every day.
I love to take long walks with you,
to hold your hand every step of the way.


Because of You

Why has my life so changed with you?
My every hope and dream come true.
Simple fate or just pure chance?
I don’t believe in happenstance.

A greater power, much stronger than,
any power known to man.
Has brought me you, down from the sky.
and to this day I don’t know why.

But because of you I feel complete,
a happiness I can’t retreat.
You’ve brought new meaning to my life,
I thank the Lord for you my Wife.

You make me proud, by compliment,
my smallest task or non-event.
A man should feel this way I sense,
yet so few don’t in self defense.

Much wasted time has passed before,
in days an empty pointless score.
But because of you and all you give,
I now have purpose, now I live.

My vow to you princess delight,
to love you each day and night.
Forever thankful through and through,
a blessed man, because of you
by John Tucker


You’re my man, my mighty king,
And I’m the jewel in your crown,
You’re the sun so hot and bright,
I’m your light-rays shining down,

You’re the sky so vast and blue,
And I’m the white clouds in your chest,
I’m a river clean and pure,
Who in your ocean finds her rest,

You’re the mountain huge and high,
I’m the valley green and wide,
You’re the body firm and strong,
And I’m a rib bone on your side,

You’re an eagle flying high,
I’m your feathers light and brown,
You’re my man, my king of kings,
And I’m the jewel in your crown.
Nima Akbari

The Meaning Of Love

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride


as one by one, dreams all come true.
To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise
to take time to share

to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.
To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend

to be there through the years
sharing laughter and tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

I’ve learned the full meaning
of sharing and caring
and having my dreams all come true;
I’ve learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being and loving with you.

Heart In My Hands

If you said you were cold.
I would wrap my arms around you.
If you said you were thirsty I would give you the ocean blue.
I would give you anything the moon, the stars, the sunset too.
This heart in my hands I hold out to you.
Katiynd Jenkins

True Love

True love is a sacred flame
That burns eternally,
And none can dim its special glow
Or change its destiny.

True love speaks in tender tones
And hears with gentle ear,
True love gives with open heart
And true love conquers fear.

True love makes no harsh demands
It neither rules nor binds,
And true love holds with gentle hands
The hearts that it entwines.
by Helen Steiner Rice

My Love

My love is like an ocean
It goes down so deep
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep.

My love is like a river
That will never end
My love is like a dove
With a beautiful message to send.


My love is like a song
That goes on and on forever
My love is like a prisoner
It’s to you that I surrender.
by Tasha Shores

Thinking Of You

I thought of you today but that’s nothing new
I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too
for every day good or bad you’ll always be in my head
I hope you’ve understood everything I’ve said

this isn’t just a joke or a silly lie
I’d never do anything to make you wanna cry
I’m sorry if I do something to make you really mad
it only comes back and makes me really sad

I really do love you and everything you are
I hope this relationship gets really far
I’ll never get you out I simply don’t know how
in fact I’m thinking of you right about now

you’re everything I need and everything to me
you know exactly who you are and what you want to be
you always make me smile just by being there
I hope you know how much I really do care
every time I think of you my stomach seems to twist

This is why I love you, I’ve made a huge list
the list goes on forever and never will it end
neither will our relationship you’ll always be my friend
not just a simple friend but a special friend at that
I want to spend my whole life with you

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