İngilizce Boğa Burcu (Taurus) Tanıtımı, Boğa Burcu İngilizce Özellikleri


Boğa Burcunun (Taurus) ingilizce olarak tanıtımı, özellikleri, karakteri. İngilizce olarak boğa burcunun açıklaması, hakkında bilgi.

Boğa Burcu (Taurus) İngilizce Özellikleri

Details about Taurus

  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Colors: Green and Pink
  • Days: Monday and Friday
  • Strength: Reliable
  • Weakness: Stubborn
  • Birthstone: Emerald


  1. A Taurus is an Earth sign which translates to them needing to feel grounded, stable, and logical. Their loyalty is unmatched which allows them to be devoted to their passions for great lengths of time.
  2. But this also means that change is not welcomed by Taurus people. They prefer to be aware and in charge of what’s happening. So anything drastic that occurs in their lives can shake them to their core.
  3. Taurus can go from being happy and laughing to being in a Hulk rage. They are passionate about life which extends to their emotions, which is why they can flip so easily.
  4. Taurus folk can be materialistic but since they tend to work hard, they feel they can also play hard — even if that means buying a ring in the amount of a mortgage payment!


Taureans love a nice night out or a calm and relaxed night in. Their stubbornness isn’t a trait that is locked on 24/7, so despite the Taurus being seen as hardcore, it’s not always that way. But make no mistake: if they feel threatened, they will fight back like the raging bull their sign is so famous for.

If you need advice, a Taurus is the one to turn to. Because they are an Earth sign, they are full of common sense and their perspective is grounded in reality. Just be aware, they’re honest to a fault. So if you can’t handle the truth? Well, you might want to skip asking for it.

If you do seek advice from a Taurus and don’t follow it, don’t be surprised if they grow impatient with you. Taurus hates wasting time and would prefer to be productive than just sitting around chatting with someone who won’t take what they say seriously.


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