İngilizce’de Olumlu ve Olumsuz Cümle Örnekleri, Olumlu Olumsuz Cümleler


İngilizce olumlu ve olumsuz cümle örneklerinin yer aldığı sayfamız. Aşağıda hem olumlu hem de olumsuz İngilizce cümleler yer almaktadır.


İngilizce Olumlu Cümle Örnekleri

  • *** He was made general of the army of the Rhine in 1792 and shortly thereafter was offered the position of minister of war, which he refused.
  • *** I believe that in the coming years they will surely be considered an aberration.
  • *** It was as if the unwanted debris from a dozen mansions had been thrown into a single overpopulated space.
  • *** She managed to get rid of the unwanted property.
  • *** Hopefully you can benefit from our online prayer dictionary and make progress every day!
  • *** There are guards who move slowly along the wall.
  • *** This restaurant has a nice atmosphere.
  • *** The current environment was a bit more prosaic.
  • *** Your experience there can be credible.
  • *** The alligator had been quarantined for a few weeks at the zoo.İngilizce’de Olumlu ve Olumsuz Cümle Örnekleri, Olumlu Olumsuz Cümleler
  • *** It was the camera he had given him in Cedar Bridge.
  • *** At the end of the first week, Liquifry can be supplemented with finely ground dry food and prawns.

İngilizce Olumsuz Cümle Örnekleri

  • *** The sound of a single step is not ambient.
  • *** The labor market is still adjusted; other inflationary pressures have not yet decreased.
  • *** Your kindness is not desired.
  • *** I never envied anyone for the viscera of a meal or for a night’s sleep.
  • *** The intensity is boiling all the time and he never lets it fall. It is a real anger …
  • *** He knew that he was not stupid and that he would only do it if he felt he could handle it.
  • *** I’m not the only one.
  • *** It is not a mere morning nausea, but overwhelming nausea, twenty-four hours a day.
  • *** It was not found that Melampsora rust on the cottonwoods had an alternative host in Shanghai.
  • *** The program stopped because an alternate disk was not inserted.
  • *** There was no apparent reason to administer the medication, although the amounts involved were not above legal limits.
  • *** He was not the kind of man who gets sentimental about old friendships.

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