It İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – It Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde It geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. It’in ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. It ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

It İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


It İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***I got it.
  2. ***I use it.
  3. ***it‘s new.
  4. ***I mean it!
  5. ***it is new.
  6. ***it‘s cold.
  7. ***it‘s easy.
  8. ***it‘s late.
  9. ***it‘s work.
  10. ***Fill it up.
  11. ***I’ll do it.
  12. ***Is it free?
  13. ***Is that it?
  14. ***it‘s my CD.
  15. ***it‘s on me.
  16. ***This is it.
  17. ***I’ll get it.
  18. ***it may rain.
  19. ***it‘s 50 yen.
  20. ***it‘s cloudy.
  21. ***it‘s Monday.
  22. ***it‘s my job.
  23. ***Turn it off.
  24. ***I’ve seen it.
  25. ***it was night.
  26. ***it‘s amazing.
  27. ***it‘s too big.
  28. ***Make it real.
  29. ***Play it cool.
  30. ***Take it easy.
  31. ***Try it again.
  32. ***Who built it?
  33. ***I’ve found it.
  34. ***it hurts here.
  35. ***it is raining.
  36. ***it won’t hurt.
  37. ***it‘s all over.
  38. ***it‘s business.
  39. ***it‘s my treat.
  40. ***it‘s too loud.
  41. ***Don’t touch it.
  42. ***Give it to her.
  43. ***I don’t get it.
  44. ***I’ll see to it.
  45. ***Isn’t it black?
  46. ***it‘s all white.
  47. ***it‘s hot today.
  48. ***it‘s too large.
  49. ***it‘s too small.
  50. ***it‘s up to you.
  51. ***it‘s very cold.
  52. ***it‘s your book.
  53. ***it‘s your move.
  54. ***it‘s your turn.
  55. ***Leave it to me.
  56. ***Say it clearly.
  57. ***Can you find it?
  58. ***Great, isn’t it?
  59. ***I can’t hear it.
  60. ***I didn’t see it.
  61. ***I don’t need it.
  62. ***I think it‘s OK.
  63. ***it doesn’t hurt.
  64. ***it is seven now.
  65. ***it is up to you.
  66. ***it snowed a lot.
  67. ***it‘s a nice day.
  68. ***it‘s a surprise.
  69. ***it‘s about time.
  70. ***it‘s fine today.
  71. ***What time is it?
  72. ***He gave it to me.
  73. ***I didn’t like it.
  74. ***it‘s a windy day.
  75. ***it‘s just a cold.
  76. ***it‘s now my turn.
  77. ***Try it once more.
  78. ***Whose turn is it?
  79. ***Can you handle it?
  80. ***Do it by yourself.
  81. ***I have to find it.
  82. ***it has cooled off.
  83. ***it‘s a cloudy day.
  84. ***it‘s a short walk.
  85. ***it‘s an old piano.
  86. ***it‘s dark outside.
  87. ***it‘s going nicely!
  88. ***it‘s my brother’s.
  89. ***it‘s not my fault.
  90. ***it‘s now or never.
  91. ***it‘s time for bed.
  92. ***May I put it here?
  93. ***What does it mean?
  94. ***You can’t miss it.
  95. ***Fill it up, please.
  96. ***it is a long story.
  97. ***it is almost three.
  98. ***it looks like rain.
  99. ***it‘s fun to travel.
  100. ***it‘s raining again!
  101. ***She gave it to him.
  102. ***She made him do it.
  103. ***They gave it to me.
  104. ***When does it begin?
  105. ***Where does it hurt?
  106. ***Will it rain today?
  107. ***You should know it.
  108. ***How did you make it?
  109. ***I like it very much.
  110. ***I must have lost it.
  111. ***I will try it again.
  112. ***Is it far from here?
  113. ***Is it Japanese food?
  114. ***it is going to snow.
  115. ***it rained yesterday.
  116. ***it serves you right.
  117. ***it was getting dark.
  118. ***it was really cheap.
  119. ***it wasn’t expensive.
  120. ***it‘ll rain for sure.
  121. ***it‘ll snow tomorrow.
  122. ***it‘s free of charge.
  123. ***it‘s Saturday today.
  124. ***it‘s time to get up.
  125. ***Let’s call it a day.
  126. ***Try it out yourself.
  127. ***When did you buy it?
  128. ***When does it arrive?
  129. ***Don’t worry about it.
  130. ***Everyone’s saying it.
  131. ***Go and see who it is.
  132. ***it may rain tomorrow.
  133. ***it pays to be polite.
  134. ***it was hot yesterday.
  135. ***it‘s a beautiful day.
  136. ***it‘s a good question.
  137. ***it‘s a piece of cake.
  138. ***it‘s all Greek to me.
  139. ***it‘s all over for us.
  140. ***it‘s an easy victory.
  141. ***it‘s behind schedule.
  142. ***it‘s my CD, isn’t it?
  143. ***it‘s noisy next door.
  144. ***it‘s perfectly white.
  145. ***it‘s time for dinner.
  146. ***She tried it herself.
  147. ***Show me how it works.
  148. ***When was it finished?
  149. ***Who put you up to it?
  150. ***He is unable to do it.
  151. ***How long does it take?
  152. ***How long will it take?
  153. ***I bought it last week.
  154. ***I’d bet my life on it.
  155. ***Is it near your house?
  156. ***it frosted last night.
  157. ***it is very cold today.
  158. ***it seems warm outside.
  159. ***it was a terrible day.
  160. ***it was hot last night.
  161. ***it was very difficult.
  162. ***it will snow tomorrow.
  163. ***it won’t take so long.
  164. ***it‘ll definitely rain.
  165. ***it‘s been a long time.
  166. ***it‘s my favorite food.
  167. ***it‘s my favorite song.
  168. ***it‘s really hot there.
  169. ***May I do it right now?
  170. ***Please think about it.
  171. ***That’s good, isn’t it?
  172. ***This is how I made it.
  173. ***Whose turn is it next?
  174. ***Will it rain tomorrow?
  175. ***Don’t let him touch it.
  176. ***Give it to me straight.
  177. ***I know you can make it.
  178. ***I’m sick of hearing it.
  179. ***it doesn’t surprise me.
  180. ***it looks like an apple.
  181. ***it was a very big room.
  182. ***it‘s across the street.
  183. ***it‘s ahead of schedule.
  184. ***it‘s October the third.
  185. ***it‘s ten o’clock sharp.
  186. ***it‘s time for us to go.
  187. ***it‘s time to go to bed.
  188. ***Let’s get it over with.
  189. ***Let’s leave it at that.
  190. ***May I put it down here?
  191. ***That’s cheap, isn’t it?
  192. ***That’s right, isn’t it?
  193. ***You like it, don’t you?
  194. ***Beautiful day, isn’t it?
  195. ***Charge it to my account.
  196. ***Do you know who made it?
  197. ***Don’t put it on my desk.
  198. ***Don’t take it out on me.

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