January (Ocak Ayı) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde January (Ocak Ayı) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler. January (Ocak Ayı) kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. January ile ilgili ingilizce cümleler

***I met him in january.

***We have snow in january.

***I’m taking an exam in january.

***I need to take an exam in january.


***Tom told Mary that he had seen John in january.

***Today is january 2nd.

***I met Tom this january.

***Sam went skiing in january.


***Today is the second of january.

***january is usually the coldest month.

***I skied almost every day last january.

***Where I live, we have snow in january.


***january is the first month of the year.

***The card was valid until january, 2006.

***The first month of the year is january.

***Yesterday was Tuesday, january 26, 2010.


***Challenger exploded on january 28th 1986.

***He comes back from Singapore next january.

***january is the first month of the calendar.

***I’m expecting my baby in the middle of january.


***Finally, on january eighth, the British attacked.

***I have been working in the library since january.

***Thank you very much for your letter of january 7th.

***His term of office as governor expires next january.


***I was born in Tokyo on the eighth of january in 1950.

***Thank you for your letter from the seventh of january.

***january 1st is a day when many Japanese go to the shrine.

***There was snow on the island of Lulus on january 14, 2012.


***I’ve got to take my library books back before january 25th.

***The festival is held in the second week of january every year.

***Exports in january were up 20% over the same period of last year.

***Roger Miller was born on january 2, 1936 in the western city of Fort Worth, Texas.


***In january of that year, we saw snow for four days, from the fourteenth to the seventeenth.

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