L Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Meyve, Sebzeler İsimleri Tanıtımları Türkçeleri


Baş harfi L olan ingilizce sebze ve meyveler, L harfiyle başlayan ingilizce fruits and vegetables isimleri, tanıtımları, Türkçeleri.

L Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Meyveler ve Sebzeler

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L Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Meyveler ve Sebzeler


Lavantanın Bakımı ve Yetiştirilmesi İle İlgili Bilgi

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Lavender is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the mint family. There are more than 30 species of lavender that originate from Mediterranean region, northern and eastern parts of Africa and southwestern Asia. Lavender grows in dry, sunny areas on well-drained soils. People cultivate lavender mostly because of the essential oils that have application in the industry of perfumes and cosmetics. Chemicals isolated from lavender have beneficial effect on the human health.



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Leek is a type of vegetable that belongs to the lily family. It originates from eastern Mediterranean, but it can be found around the world today. Leek grows on fertile, well-drained soil. It requires at least 4 moths of cold weather for the proper growth and development. Cultivation of leek started 3.000 years ago. Besides pleasant taste, leek contains numerous phytonutrients that act beneficially on the humans health.



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Lemon is an evergreen plant that belongs to the family Rutaceae. It originates from Asia, but it can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions throughout the world today. Cultivation of lemon started in the first century AD. Lemon is important part of human diet, but it has numerous other, equally valuable properties. Lemon is used in pharmaceutical industry, in the food processing, in the cosmetic industry, for the production of perfumes and in the manufacture of cleansing products. Lemon is a staple food on the ships around the world because it prevents scurvy (disease that results from lack of vitamin C in a diet).



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Lemongrass, also known as citronella grass, is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the family of grasses. It originates from southern parts of India and Shi Lanka. Lemongrass can be found in subtropical and tropical areas. It grows on fertile, well-drained, sandy and loamy soil, exposed to direct sunlight. Lemongrass requires plenty of rain during the growing season. People cultivate and use lemongrass mostly as condiment. Lemongrass is also cultivated in ornamental purposes and used as a source of scented oil.



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Lentil is a type of grain legume (plant that belongs to the pea family) that originates from central Asia. This is one of the oldest cultivated crops. Lentils are integral part of human diet for 8000 years already. Lentils are largely cultivated in subtropical areas and in the Northern hemisphere. They can grow on various types of soil (clay, black cotton, loamy and alluvial soil), but they don’t tolerate heavy rainfall and oscillation in temperatures. Lentils are prone to fungal diseases that may drastically reduce the yield. People cultivate lentils mainly as a source of food.




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Lettuce is leafy vegetable that belongs to the sunflower family. It originates from Mediterranean region, but it can be found around the world today. Lettuce prefers colder climate, which postpones development of flowers and ensures proper development of leaves. Around 23 million metric tons of lettuce are produced and consumed each year. Majority of globally consumed lettuce originates from China


misket limon

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Lime is an evergreen plant that belongs to the citrus family. It originates from Southeast Asia. Lime is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas around the world. West Indian lime, Persian lime, sweet lime and desert lime are some of the most popular types of lime that differ in size, color and flavor. Lime can be used as a substitute for lemon because these two types of fruit have sour taste and similar vitamin content.



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Longan, also known as euphoria fruit and lychee’s little brother, is an evergreen tree that belongs to the soapberry family. It originates from China. Longan grows in tropical areas, with dry autumns and frost-free winters. It can be found from the sea level to the altitude of 1.500 feet. People cultivate longan as a source of food. Majority of globally consumed longan originates from Southeast Asia. Longan is cultivated in ornamental purposes in areas with cool climate (where it cannot produce fruit).



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Loquat is an evergreen plant that belongs to the family of roses. It originates from the Southeast China, but it can be found in warm areas around the world today (it prefers areas with subtropical and temperate climate). Loquat requires mildly fertile, well-drained soil and plenty of sun for the successful growth and development of fruit. It tolerates wind and drought. People cultivate loquat as a source of food and in ornamental purposes. Japan (where loquat is also known as Japanese plum) is the greatest manufacturer of loquat in the world.


liçi meyvesi

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Lychee is tropical plant that belongs to the soapberry family. It originates from China. There are three subspecies of lychee, but only one is commercially important (cultivated as a source of food). Cultivation of lychee started 2.000 years ago. Lychee was favorite type of fruit of many Chinese emperors. Lychee grows on well-drained, slightly acidic soil. It can be found in tropical and subtropical areas around the world today. Lychee requires cold weather during the winter for the successful development of flower buds and warm, moist weather with high temperatures during the summer for the production of fruit. People cultivate lychee as a source of food and in ornamental purposes.


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