Maybe İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Maybe geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. Maybe ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

  1. ***Maybe we ought to ask Tom.
  2. ***Maybe you should tell Tom?
  3. ***Maybe he did it on purpose.
  4. ***Maybe I should talk to Tom.
  5. ***Maybe she knows the answer.
  6. ***Maybe Tom can tell us more.
  7. ***Maybe Tom just got nervous.
  8. ***Maybe Tom was hospitalized.
  9. ***Maybe we can talk sometime.
  10. ***Maybe we could collaborate.
  11. ***Maybe we could make a deal.
  12. ***Maybe you could fill me in.
  13. ***Maybe you could get a bike.
  14. ***Maybe you gave up too fast.
  15. ***Maybe I should study German.
  16. ***Maybe nobody wants to leave.
  17. ***Maybe she can tell you more.
  18. ***Maybe that was the last one.
  19. ***Maybe there’s a cheaper one.
  20. ***Maybe Tom will just go away.
  21. ***Maybe we should sleep on it.
  22. ***Maybe we should talk to Tom.
  23. ***Maybe we should wear gloves.
  24. ***Maybe what you said is true.
  25. ***Maybe you could talk to Tom.
  26. ***I thought maybe I could help.
  27. ***Maybe he will arrive tonight.
  28. ***Maybe I just need some sleep.
  29. ***Maybe I left it on the table.
  30. ***Maybe I need a new assistant.
  31. ***Maybe I should rephrase that.
  32. ***Maybe it won’t rain tomorrow.
  33. ***Maybe it’s not going to last.
  34. ***Maybe she forgot my birthday.
  35. ***Maybe something will turn up.
  36. ***Maybe that could be arranged.
  37. ***Maybe they’ll find something.
  38. ***Maybe this isn’t a bad thing.
  39. ***Maybe Tom decided to give up.
  40. ***Maybe we were too optimistic.
  41. ***Maybe what Tom said was true.
  42. ***Maybe you could enlighten me.
  43. ***Maybe you got the date wrong.
  44. ***Maybe you should talk to Tom.
  45. ***I wonder if maybe I should go.
  46. ***Maybe I should do the talking.
  47. ***Maybe I should go talk to Tom.
  48. ***Maybe I should just stay home.
  49. ***Maybe it was just a nightmare.
  50. ***Maybe the problem is you, Tom.
  51. ***Maybe Tom has some candy left.
  52. ***Maybe Tom will give us a ride.
  53. ***Maybe we should just sit down.
  54. ***Maybe we should tell somebody.
  55. ***Maybe we’re missing something.
  56. ***Maybe you could draw me a map?
  57. ***Maybe you should stay with us.
  58. ***Maybe he is Italian or Spanish.
  59. ***Maybe I should give Tom a hand.
  60. ***Maybe it was just an oversight.
  61. ***Maybe someone else can help us.
  62. ***Maybe they just don’t like you.
  63. ***Maybe Tom is telling the truth.
  64. ***Maybe we can buy Tom a new one.
  65. ***Maybe we should make new plans.
  66. ***Maybe you are working too hard.
  67. ***Maybe you can help me out here.
  68. ***Maybe you should tell Tom that.
  69. ***I thought maybe this could help.
  70. ***I thought maybe this would help.
  71. ***Maybe he will be a good teacher.
  72. ***Maybe I should become a painter.
  73. ***Maybe I should talk to a lawyer.
  74. ***Maybe it was just a coincidence.
  75. ***Maybe Tom doesn’t want anything.
  76. ***Maybe Tom has already gone home.
  77. ***Maybe Tom isn’t crazy after all.
  78. ***Maybe we can work something out.
  79. ***Maybe we should come back later.
  80. ***Maybe we should stay right here.
  81. ***Maybe you should get some sleep.
  82. ***I thought maybe I could help you.
  83. ***Maybe I’ll go, and maybe I won’t.
  84. ***Maybe there’s something I missed.
  85. ***Maybe Tom can solve this problem.
  86. ***Maybe Tom will help us find Mary.
  87. ***Maybe we should return to Boston.
  88. ***He thought maybe this was a trick.
  89. ***I thought maybe you could help me.
  90. ***Maybe I gave Tom the wrong advice.
  91. ***Maybe there’s something we missed.
  92. ***Maybe Tom could help us with that.
  93. ***Maybe we should talk to Tom again.
  94. ***Maybe you could draw me a picture.
  95. ***Maybe he’s jogging around the park.
  96. ***Maybe it’s not as hard as it looks.
  97. ***Maybe she wasn’t talking about you.
  98. ***Maybe this was all meant to happen.
  99. ***Maybe Tom was walking in his sleep.
  100. ***Maybe we can talk about that later.


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