Must Mustn’t Needn’t Örnek Cümleler, Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İngilizcede Must musn’t needn’t ile ilgili kurulmuş örnek cümleler, Must mustn’t needn’t ile ilgili egzersizler örnekler.

must mustn't

Must Mustn’t Needn’t Örnek Cümleler

Must — Must kullanıldığında zorunluluk gösterir. (it is necessary that you do it)
  • *We haven’t got much time. We must hurry.
  • *Don’t tell anyone what I said. You must keep it a secret.
  • *I have an exam tomorrow morning. I must get up early tomorrow.
  • *We must study hard to win the compatition.
  • *You are ill. If you want to get well soon, you must go to the doctor.
  • *I have plenty of things to do. I must go now.
  • *To be at school on time, I must catch the 8 o’clock bus.
  • *If you want to buy that new car, you must save money.
  • *If you want to visit the USA, you must have right visa.
  • *If you know anything about robbery, you must go to the police.
  • *They are the doctor’s orders, you must stay in the bed until you are better.
  • *I haven’t been to the dentist in ages, I must go and have a check-up soon.
  • *If you drive your car at night, you must use your headlights. It is the law.
  • *We must punish drink-driving. – We must punish those who drink and drive.
  • *Students must have opportunity to visit other countries.
  • *I must remember to buy some milk today. Will you remind me later?
  • *He must get his hair cut before the interview. They don’t hire man with long hair.
  • *You must tidy your room. Our guests will be here soon.
  • *You must wash your face every morning.
  • *You must give place to old people on the bus.
Mustn’t —- Must’ın negatif halidir. (it is necessary that you do not do it)
  • *Sssht. It is an exam. You mustn’t talk.
  • *It is a suprise part for her, you mustn’t tell her about it.
  • *The baby is sleeping. You mustn’t shout.
  • *We mustn’t waist the energy.
  • *We mustn’t smoke in public.
  • *You mustn’t light fires in the forests.
  • *You mustn’t make noise in the library.
  • *You mustn’t cross the road in red lights.
  • *You mustn’t go without a helmet, if you go by a motorbike.
  • *I haven’t got lots of money, I mustn’t waste it.
  • *My mother gave me a present for my sister, I mustn’t forget to give him.
  • *Ali gave me a letter to post. I mustn’t forget to post it.


Yapmasan da olur anlamında, yapman gerekmiyor anlamında kullanılır. (it is not necessary that you do it. You don’t need to do it)

  • *We have got plenty of time. We needn’t hurry.
  • *I can manage the shopping alone. You needn’t come with me.
  • *We needn’t walk all the way home. We can get a taxi.
  • *We can keep this a secret between ourselves. We needn’t tell anybody else.
  • *I understand the situation perfectly. You needn’t explain further.
  • *We have enough food at home, we needn’t go shopping today.
  • *Do you want me to wait for you? No it’s OK, you needn’t wait.
  • *I needn’t to get up early today, but it is a lovely morning so I did.
  • *That shirt isn’t dirty. You needn’t wash it.
  • *It is not raining. You needn’t take your umbrella.
  • *You needn’t stay in the hotel, you can stay with us.

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