My İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – My Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde My geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. My kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. My ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

My İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


My İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***It’s my CD.
  2. ***It’s my job.
  3. ***My eyes hurt.
  4. ***It’s my treat.
  5. ***My head aches.
  6. ***She’s my type.
  7. ***That’s my line!
  8. ***This is my car.
  9. ***You’re my type.
  10. ***I hurt my elbow.
  11. ***I’ll do my best.
  12. ***My father is in.
  13. ***My hat blew off.
  14. ***This is my book.
  15. ***Bob is my friend.
  16. ***He is my brother.
  17. ***It’s now my turn.
  18. ***Let go of my arm!
  19. ***My eyes are sore.
  20. ***My father is out.
  21. ***My father smokes.
  22. ***My mother is out.
  23. ***My nose is itchy.
  24. ***My pulse is fast.
  25. ***My pulse is slow.
  26. ***She took my hand.
  27. ***Those are my CDs.
  28. ***Where is my book?
  29. ***I changed my mind.
  30. ***I owe him my life.
  31. ***It’s my brother’s.
  32. ***It’s not my fault.
  33. ***My eyes are tired.
  34. ***My father is tall.
  35. ***My stomach’s full.
  36. ***This is my cousin.
  37. ***Where is my watch?
  38. ***He is about my age.
  39. ***He lied to my face.
  40. ***Here is my bicycle.
  41. ***I admit my mistake.
  42. ***I clapped my hands.
  43. ***I fractured my arm.
  44. ***I give you my word.
  45. ***I made my decision.
  46. ***Leave my car alone.
  47. ***My car won’t start.
  48. ***My eyes feel itchy.
  49. ***My legs still hurt.
  50. ***My nose is running.
  51. ***My parents are old.
  52. ***My stomach is full.
  53. ***She’s my classmate.
  54. ***This is my bicycle.
  55. ***This is my brother.
  56. ***Those are my books.
  57. ***He accepted my idea.
  58. ***He is about my size.
  59. ***I had my pen stolen.
  60. ***I’m proud of my son.
  61. ***My back still hurts.
  62. ***My sister has a job.
  63. ***My sister is famous.
  64. ***My wife is a doctor.
  65. ***She is about my age.
  66. ***She is my classmate.
  67. ***The dog bit my hand.
  68. ***The man took my arm.
  69. ***This is my daughter.
  70. ***Excuse my clumsiness.
  71. ***He acted as my guide.
  72. ***He came to my rescue.
  73. ***He married my cousin.
  74. ***I had my watch fixed.
  75. ***I put on my trousers.
  76. ***It’s my CD, isn’t it?
  77. ***My eyes are watering.
  78. ***My father grows rice.
  79. ***My headache has gone.
  80. ***My mother can’t come.
  81. ***My mother cooks well.
  82. ***Swimming is my hobby.
  83. ***That’s my dictionary.
  84. ***Where are my glasses?
  85. ***Don’t touch my camera.
  86. ***I am tired of my work.
  87. ***I broke my leg skiing.
  88. ***I can’t find my watch.
  89. ***I gave him my address.
  90. ***I gave my cold to him.
  91. ***I have lost my camera.
  92. ***I have lost my wallet.
  93. ***I’d bet my life on it.
  94. ***It’s my favorite food.
  95. ***It’s my favorite song.
  96. ***Leave my camera alone.
  97. ***My father loves pizza.
  98. ***My sister got engaged.
  99. ***My sister often cries.
  100. ***My uncle runs a hotel.
  101. ***My whole body is sore.
  102. ***She agreed to my idea.
  103. ***She asked for my help.
  104. ***That is my dictionary.
  105. ***That’s not my concern.
  106. ***The soap hurt my eyes.
  107. ***This is my friend Tom.
  108. ***Those are my trousers.
  109. ***He accepted my present.
  110. ***I change my mind a lot.
  111. ***I contacted my parents.
  112. ***I had him fix my watch.
  113. ***I’m looking for my key.
  114. ***John ignored my advice.
  115. ***My daughter has braces.
  116. ***My father is a teacher.
  117. ***My father went fishing.
  118. ***My foot’s asleep again!
  119. ***My son can’t count yet.
  120. ***Can I eat my lunch here?
  121. ***Charge it to my account.
  122. ***Don’t put it on my desk.
  123. ***Don’t put it on my desk.
  124. ***He’s my younger brother.
  125. ***Here’s my email address.
  126. ***I had my watch repaired.
  127. ***I have to iron my shirt.
  128. ***I like my job very much.
  129. ***I wish to see my father.
  130. ***I’d better be on my way.
  131. ***I’m faithful to my wife.
  132. ***I’m proud of my brother.
  133. ***My arm is hurting badly.
  134. ***My father seldom smokes.
  135. ***My mother gets up early.
  136. ***My mother speaks slowly.
  137. ***My right shoulder hurts.
  138. ***My strength is all gone.
  139. ***My uncle gave me a book.
  140. ***My wife loves apple pie.
  141. ***Please let go of my arm.
  142. ***Tomorrow is my birthday.
  143. ***Could I park my car here?
  144. ***He looked over my report.
  145. ***I acknowledge my mistake.
  146. ***I feed my dog once a day.
  147. ***I have an ache in my arm.
  148. ***I put cream in my coffee.
  149. ***I’m serious about my job.
  150. ***It’s for my personal use.
  151. ***It’s in my jacket pocket.
  152. ***It’s my duty to help you.
  153. ***It’s none of my business!
  154. ***My father is in his room.
  155. ***My mother is sick in bed.
  156. ***My shoelaces came undone.
  157. ***My temperature is normal.
  158. ***My uncle gave me his car.
  159. ***My university has a dorm.
  160. ***Nobody came to my rescue.
  161. ***She rejected my proposal.
  162. ***That wasn’t my intention.
  163. ***This is my email address.
  164. ***Charge this to my account.
  165. ***Charge this to my company.
  166. ***Come to my house at eight.
  167. ***Did you receive my letter?
  168. ***I am through with my work.
  169. ***I feed my dog twice a day.
  170. ***I got some sand in my eye.
  171. ***I had him repair my watch.
  172. ***I have to look for my pen.
  173. ***I invited him to my house.
  174. ***I’ll show my album to you.
  175. ***I’m busy with my homework.
  176. ***It’s my younger brother’s.
  177. ***My apartment is near here.
  178. ***My father loves my mother.
  179. ***My father swims very well.
  180. ***My father was in the navy.
  181. ***My pet cat died yesterday.
  182. ***My wife is a good manager.
  183. ***She refused my invitation.
  184. ***The cat scratched my hand.
  185. ***There’s a hair in my soup.
  186. ***What should I feed my dog?
  187. ***When should I feed my dog?
  188. ***Yesterday was my birthday.
  189. ***You should take my advice.
  190. ***Do you think it’s my fault?
  191. ***He proofread my manuscript.
  192. ***I added a room to my house.
  193. ***I asked them to fix my car.
  194. ***I couldn’t believe my eyes.
  195. ***I got him to repair my car.
  196. ***I had the boy carry my bag.
  197. ***I think I’m losing my mind.
  198. ***I’d like to change my room.
  199. ***I’m satisfied with my work.
  200. ***It’s my turn to drive next.

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