N Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Hayvanlar – Baş Harfi N Olan İngilizce Hayvan


N harfiyle başlayan ingilizce hayvanların isimleri, Türkçe karşılıkları.. Baş harfi N olan ingilizce hayvanlar ve Türkçeleri.

N Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Hayvanlar

N Harfiyle Başlayan İngilizce Hayvanlar



Nautiluses are invertebrates, cephalopods, and mollusks related to octopus, cuttlefish, and squid. Of all the cephalopods, nautiluses are the only animal to have a visible shell. The shell is not only beautiful, but it also provides protection. The nautilus can withdraw into the shell and seal it closed with a fleshy trapdoor called a hood. Nautilus shells can reach up to 8–10 inches in diameter. They are white on the underside with brown stripes on its upper side. This coloration helps the nautilus blend into its surroundings.




Needlefish is a thin fish with elongated body and sharp jaws. Their slender body has silver sides with greenish back. They are generally blue, green with silvery bellies. Their dorsal fin is greenish and the lower portion is golden and silvery glossy. Their distinctive narrow jaw counts for its name being Needlefish. The jaw of the needlefish has several sharp teeth with the upper jaw being slightly shorter than the lower one. The dorsal fin of the needlefish is located near the tail fin. They can grow u to 3cms to 95cms in length.

Neon Tetra Balığı


The Neon Tetra is a well-known breed of tropical fish originating in the South American waters. They are popular for their opalescent hues, and are also extremely famous among the fish aquarium hobbyists around the world. They fall under the small group of fishes (but not to be confused with black neon tetra, gold neon tetra, yellow neon tetra, diamond head neon tetra or cardinal tetra), and make great pets for beginners and new enthusiasts, adding color and activity to the aquarium.




Newts are small semi-aquatic amphibians that look like a cross between a frog and a lizard. Newts possess several interesting characteristics. For example, though they may look cute and harmless, they can be dangerous; toxins secreted through the skin as a defense mechanism could kill a person. Newts also can regrow lost limbs and organs. That ability makes them important subjects in medical studies on regeneration. Also, some newts have flown on space missions.



The nightingale is a small species of bird thought to be formally members of the thrush family. The nightingale is often mistaken for the robin, as the nightingale is about the same size and the female robin is very similar in appearance to the nightingale. The nightingale is a morning bird and the nightingale can often be heard singing it’s loud song at dawn. In urban areas, the nightingale will sing even louder at dawn to make up for the extra background noise.




The numbat is a small-sized marsupial that is found in Western Australia. The numbat has long, colourful fur and despite being a marsupial, the female numbat does not have a pouch on her belly. The numbat was once found across Southern Australia, but today the numbat is considered to be an endangered species as there are only a few small numbat colonies found in Western Australia today. It has been estimated that there are only 1,500 numbat individuals left in the wild.

hemşire köpekbalığı


The nurse shark is most commonly found in the waters around central America, although natural habitat of the nurse shark ranges from the North USA to Brazil and nurse sharks are even found on the East Coast of Africa. The nurse shark is also found around the Caribbean Islands and from southern California to Peru on the American west coast. The nurse shark is a common coastal bottom-dwelling shark, found in tropical and subtropical waters around the continental shelves. The nurse shark is frequently found at depths of one meter or less but it is not uncommon for nurse sharks to venture down to depths of 12 m.


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