Pamuk Prenses ve Yedi Cüceler İngilizce Özeti (Snow White)


Pamuk Prenses ve Yedi Cüceler (Snow White) masalının ingilizce kısa özeti. Pamuk Prenses ve Yedi Cüceler konusu, ingilizcesi.

Pamuk Prenses ve Yedi Cüceler (Snow White)

Kaynak :


A queen gives birth to a daughter. She names her Snow White. The queen dies. Snow White’s father marries an evil woman. This evil queen has a magic mirror that tells her she is the fairest in the land. One day the mirror names Snow White as the fairest. The queen is jealous. She decides to kill Snow White. The queen’s huntsman takes the child into the woods to kill her. He allows her to escape.


Snow White comes to a cottage in the forest. It belongs to seven dwarfs. They allow her to live with them. She does the housework. The evil queen learns Snow White is still alive. She decides to kill Snow White herself. She disguises herself as an old woman. She tries to kill Snow White first with a bodice lace and then with a poisoned comb. She fails. Snow White lives. At last the queen gives Snow White a poisoned apple. The child falls down as if dead.

The dwarfs place her in a glass coffin on a mountain top. One day a prince rides by. He falls in love with her. The dwarfs give him permission to take the coffin to his castle. The prince’s friends lift the coffin. The bit of poisoned apple in Snow White’s throat is loosened. She awakens. The prince rejoices. He marries Snow White. The evil queen is forced to dance in red-hot iron shoes at the wedding. She dies.

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