Party İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – Party Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde Party geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler. Party kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. Party ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

Party İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


Party İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***Let’s start the party.
  2. ***That was a great party.
  3. ***He invited me to a party.
  4. ***He invited me to the party.
  5. ***Who else came to the party?
  6. ***Why don’t you have a party?
  7. ***I invited them to the party.
  8. ***I will not attend the party.
  9. ***Nancy invited him to a party.
  10. ***She invited him to her party.
  11. ***They invited me to the party.
  12. ***What was served at the party?
  13. ***I had a good time at the party.
  14. ***I didn’t enjoy the party at all.
  15. ***She will give a party next week.
  16. ***I’m looking forward to the party.
  17. ***Did you enjoy the party yesterday?
  18. ***Don’t you want to go to the party?
  19. ***I go to any party I am invited to.
  20. ***I’d be happy to attend your party.
  21. ***I’ll bring my sister to the party.
  22. ***She made him a cake for his party.
  23. ***I persuaded him to go to the party.
  24. ***She invited Tom and me to the party.
  25. ***We all went to the party except Joe.
  26. ***I ran into Mary at a party last week.
  27. ***We have to rent a room for our party.
  28. ***We need to rent a room for our party.
  29. ***She introduced me to him at the party.
  30. ***Everybody except Joe went to the party.
  31. ***I ran into Mary at the party last week.
  32. ***She made friends with Tom at the party.
  33. ***Aren’t you coming to the party tomorrow?
  34. ***He suggested I go with him to the party.
  35. ***Let’s give Tom a surprise welcome party.
  36. ***We had a birthday party for the old lady.
  37. ***He was the only one who came to the party.
  38. ***I wasn’t able to go to his birthday party.
  39. ***Her birthday party will be tomorrow evening.
  40. ***I am sorry I am unable to attend your party.
  41. ***I think it’s time for me to organize a party.
  42. ***Have you told anyone about the surprise party?
  43. ***She was supposed to attend the party with him.
  44. ***He suggested that I accompany him to the party.
  45. ***She bought a shirt for him to wear to the party.
  46. ***He thanked the host for the very enjoyable party.
  47. ***Her birthday party will be held tomorrow evening.
  48. ***I think it’s time for me to throw a little party.
  49. ***I would like to attend the party on November 1st.
  50. ***Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.
  51. ***We did a lot of singing and dancing at the party.
  52. ***Please say hello to her if you see her at the party.
  53. ***She explained to him why she was late for his party.
  54. ***You don’t have to go to the party unless you want to.
  55. ***I never imagined so many people would come to my party.
  56. ***You don’t have to go to the party if you don’t want to.
  57. ***If you don’t want to go to that party, you don’t have to.
  58. ***It’s about time we brought this party to an end, isn’t it?
  59. ***It’s very kind of you to invite me to your birthday party.
  60. ***One thousand dollars will cover all the expenses for the party.
  61. ***I promised to go to the party with Jane, and I can’t let her down.
  62. ***The children were so excited after the party that they couldn’t sleep.

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