Resimli İngilizce Hava Durumları (Weather Conditions) Örnek Cümleler


İngilizce hava durumlarının resimli anlatımı, weather conditions, türkçeleri. Hava durumunu anlatan ingilizce kelimelerin cümle içinde kullanımı, örnekler.

Resimli İngilizce Hava Durumları

Resimli İngilizce Hava Durumları (Weather)

sunny – güneşli

***I looked at my watch: it was just half past ten and a clear sunny morning in May.
Warms up the surface of the Earth.

cloudy – bulutlu

***The September rain beat down on the roof incessantly, and the grey, cloudy skies made the whole situation depressing.
cloud – bulut
A puffy thing that moves across the sky.

windy – rüzgarlı

***Soon we were driving along the windy roads surrounded by tall trees that led to my grand parents’ house.
wind – rüzgar
When air moves across the Earth.

rainy – yağmurlu

***You should take your umbrella with you, the weather is rainy.
rain – yağmur
Water that falls from clouds.

stormy – fırtınalı

***It sounds like there is a lot of stormy weather ahead.
storm – fırtına
With thunder and lightning.

foggy – sisli

***The weather there is often foggy and skies are cloudy
fog – sis
a thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface that obscures or restricts visibility

Resimli İngilizce Hava Durumları (Weather)

Resimli İngilizce Hava Durumları (Weather)

snowy – karlı

snow – kar
Flakes of frozen water falling from clouds.
***It took place in the middle of a New York winter, on a very snowy weekend.

lightning – şimşekli

***A summer shower, again, is accompanied by thunder and lightning , which makes it a rather dangerous customer.
the occurrence of a natural electrical discharge of very short duration and high voltage between a cloud and the ground or within a cloud, accompanied by a bright flash and typically also thunder.

hail – dolu

pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds
***These kinds of storms can produce rain, hail snow, thunder and lightning.

tornado – kasırga (hortum)

***A tornado is a funnel-shaped cloud that descends on land, creating havoc and destruction in its wake.

hurricane – fırtına

***The hurricane caused a surge of water that flooded large areas of the historic city center.

flood – sel

***The river will flood if it gets much worse

Resimli İngilizce Hava Durumları (Weather)

tsunami – tsunami

***The tsunami was caused by an earthquake and was unrelated to climate change.

forest fire – orman yangını

rainbow – gökkuşağı

An arc of colours that appears in the sky.
***A rainbow arched its bridge of many colours across the evening sky, nature’s magical wave of the wand.

hot – sıcak

Very warm.
***The weather is getting hot, we should go home.

cold – soğuk

Feeling no warmth.
***Wear your thick cloths, it is cold outside.

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