See (Görmek) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – See Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde See (görmek) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler. See kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. See ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri

See (Görmek) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


See (Görmek) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***Let me see.
  2. ***See you again.
  3. ***See you later.
  4. ***I’ll see to it.
  5. ***See you around.
  6. ***Come and see me.
  7. ***I didn’t see it.
  8. ***Let me see that.
  9. ***I can’t see well.
  10. ***See you tomorrow.
  11. ***Can I see that one?
  12. ***I’ll see you later.
  13. ***I’d like to see her.
  14. ***I’m glad to see you.
  15. ***Go and see who it is.
  16. ***I can’t see anything.
  17. ***I will never see him.
  18. ***We see with our eyes.
  19. ***Did he go to see Mary?
  20. ***We sometimes see them.
  21. ***Did you see him go out?
  22. ***Henry wants to see you.
  23. ***I don’t see your point.
  24. ***I don’t see much of him.
  25. ***I want to see the movie.
  26. ***I want to see you again.
  27. ***I wish to see my father.
  28. ***I’ll see you next month.
  29. ***Where did you see Nancy?
  30. ***I see a bird on the roof.
  31. ***I want to see them again.
  32. ***You should try to see it.
  33. ***Come and see me right now.
  34. ***Did you see anybody there?
  35. ***I want to see your mother.
  36. ***I’m glad to see you again.
  37. ***What are you going to see?
  38. ***Can you see the difference?
  39. ***I will never see him again.
  40. ***I’m happy to see you again.
  41. ***See the footnote on page 5.
  42. ***I will not see him any more.
  43. ***I’d like to see your sister.
  44. ***I’ll see you next Wednesday.
  45. ***Where did you see the woman?
  46. ***You will see the difference.
  47. ***Can you see that small house?
  48. ***When can I see you next time?
  49. ***Where did you see that woman?
  50. ***I want to see the movie again.
  51. ***I’m going to see him tomorrow.
  52. ***We can see many stars tonight.
  53. ***He may come and see us tonight.
  54. ***How nice to see you again, Tom.
  55. ***I’ll see you a week from today.
  56. ***I’m not going to see you again.
  57. ***It’s nice of you to see me off.
  58. ***She came from Canada to see me.
  59. ***We can see Mt. Fuji over there.
  60. ***When would you like to see him?
  61. ***Can you see anything over there?
  62. ***Come and see me once in a while.
  63. ***I will see him after I get back.
  64. ***Many friends came to see me off.
  65. ***See you tomorrow at the library.
  66. ***She advised him to see a lawyer.
  67. ***She went to see him reluctantly.
  68. ***We can see his house over there.
  69. ***Why don’t we drop by to see her?
  70. ***Why don’t we go and see a movie?
  71. ***Could I see you a minute, please?
  72. ***Do you see that house? It’s mine.
  73. ***He is the last man I want to see.
  74. ***He went to see her the other day.
  75. ***I can hardly wait till I see you.
  76. ***I can see a ship in the distance.
  77. ***Come and see me any time you like.
  78. ***Come and see me at eleven o’clock.
  79. ***Could I see your driver’s license?
  80. ***I’ll see you again this afternoon.
  81. ***She went to see him the other day.
  82. ***We can see Mt. Fuji clearly today.
  83. ***Come and see me when you have time.
  84. ***I think he will be glad to see you.
  85. ***I want to see my friends in Canada.
  86. ***I’ll see you whenever it suits you.
  87. ***Lucy came to see me three days ago.
  88. ***She advised him to see the dentist.
  89. ***For further information, see page 16.
  90. ***I’m going to see Mary this afternoon.
  91. ***Do you see that house? That’s my house.
  92. ***Mary decided never to see him any more.
  93. ***She went to the airport to see him off.
  94. ***She went to the station to see him off.
  95. ***He came to see you right after you left.
  96. ***Please come to see me from time to time.
  97. ***She was too short to see over the fence.
  98. ***They were all surprised to see me there.
  99. ***Tom doesn’t ever want to see Mary again.
  100. ***You can see many animals in this forest.
  101. ***I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.
  102. ***Mary told me that she was glad to see me.
  103. ***He has been to the station to see her off.
  104. ***I have been to the airport to see him off.
  105. ***I have been to the station to see her off.
  106. ***I have been to the station to see him off.
  107. ***I went to see the baseball game yesterday.
  108. ***When I see him, I think of my grandfather.
  109. ***I’ll see to it that it never happens again.
  110. ***She advised him to see a lawyer, so he did.
  111. ***I live near her house, but I seldom see her.
  112. ***My parents didn’t allow me to see Tom again.
  113. ***I’ve just been to the airport to see her off.
  114. ***My parents came to the airport to see me off.
  115. ***She went to the train station to see him off.
  116. ***She went to see him in the hospital every day.
  117. ***The man you see over there is a famous writer.
  118. ***I don’t see any reason why I have to apologize.
  119. ***I have been to the station to see my uncle off.
  120. ***I have to check and see what the contract says.
  121. ***I never see her without thinking of her mother.
  122. ***I can see some people walking across the street.
  123. ***Everywhere you look you can see children playing.
  124. ***I miss you. I need to see you. Could I come over?
  125. ***She looked around, but she couldn’t see anything.
  126. ***I looked all around, but I could see nobody there.
  127. ***You’d better go to see your family doctor at once.
  128. ***My friends came to see me the day before yesterday.
  129. ***She went to see him while he was staying in Boston.
  130. ***He was wrong in thinking that she’d come to see him.
  131. ***Please say hello to her if you see her at the party.
  132. ***Everywhere you look you can see young couples kissing.
  133. ***He came to see me three days before he left for Africa.
  134. ***Did you see the sunset earlier? It was really beautiful.
  135. ***It made her jealous to see him walking with another girl.
  136. ***A lot of people are waiting to see what is going to happen.
  137. ***Everywhere you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.
  138. ***I know that it is highly unlikely that we’ll see any whales today.
  139. ***Each time I see Mary, I learn something new and important from her.
  140. ***I suggest that you go and see a doctor about this as soon as you can.
  141. ***He didn’t see the stop sign and almost hit the child crossing the street.
  142. ***He failed to see the stop sign at the intersection and hit an oncoming car.
  143. ***I think it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever see my stolen motorcycle again.
  144. ***She advised him to see the dentist, but he said that he didn’t have enough time to do so.
  145. ***I think it’s unlikely that aliens similar to what we see in the movies have ever visited our planet.
  146. ***I came here to see if there was something I could do to help, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for me to do.

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