Sokak Hayvanları İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar


Sokak hayvanları, hayvanları koruma, sahiplenme ile ilgili ingilizce sloganlar, resimli sloganlar. Hayvanlar hakkında ingilizce sloganlar.

Sokak Hayvanları İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar

***Because we love animals

***Whether its a dog or a dove, treat animals with love

***Keep the beauty alive

***An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language

***Say no to animal abuse

***Save and be saved

***Animals are your neighbors on this earth- respect them!

***Treat animals like your family members

***Please let animals sing a happy song, Never do these creatures wrong

***Saving Animals One Paw at A Time

***God created animals, love them

***Animals are in need

***Raise your voice to save animals

***Should I die because I can’t find a home?

***Fight for the animals right

***Adoption is a loving Option

***Protect nature’s beauties!

***Animals don’t have voices. That’s what people are for.

***Adopt and adore, don’t buy from a petstore

***Animals are inter-related to environment

***Don’t be a loser, stop the abuser

***There is no excuse for animal abuse

***Their pain, your voice! It’s up to you to do what’s right!

***It’s not animal rights, if they’re not treated right

***Friends don’t chain friends

***One world. One life. One animal saved at a time

***Save a life, give to paws for dogs

***Don’t turn around in vain as you see their pain!

***Treat animals with care, it’s only fair

***Help animals that are in need, Remember to shelter and feed

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