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OKÇULUK – Archery

Archery is the sport of shooting arrows!Most current archery competitions involve shooting at a target, but did you know that archery started out as a skill used in both hunting and in battle? In fact, some people still bow hunt today.
In the sport of archery, athletes shoot arrows at a target, hitting as close to the center as possible. While the arrow is important, it would not soar without the help of the bow! Archers pull the bowstring toward their bodies, then release the string, which propels the arrow through the air in the direction of the target!
Archery was first included in the Olympic Games in 1900, but people have used bows and arrows for thousands of years. Archers who compete in the Olympics must have their initials engraved on each and every one of their arrows. These athletes possess the skill, determination and concentration needed to be pros at their sport!
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Yoga is a discipline that began in ancient India, and it involves a variety of beliefs and practices that benefit the body, mind and spirit.
In fact, being at peace with oneself and the environment is a goal of yoga. By practicing yoga, this harmony can be achieved through activities such as breathing techniques, exercise and meditation, which is a special way of focusing the mind. Some yoga classes involve learning different postures or poses that improve one’s health.
Yoga is a great muscle-toning form of physical exercise. At the same time, yoga encourages people to look within and reflect on life, which exercises the mind! People of all ages enjoy yoga, and some practice it every day!
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Catch a wave! If you can do this, then surfing may be in your future! Surfing is the pastime and sport of riding waves toward the shore with the help of a surfboard. Surfboards are often long and skinny, made of covered foam, and buoyant, which means they can float.
The earliest surfing took place in Polynesia, a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. At that time, surfboards were made of wood. Surfing eventually became a popular sport worldwide, and movies about surfing introduced audiences to the adventure, lifestyle and look of surfers.
Some people surf for fun, while others compete at this sport on a professional level. Surfers often wear wet suits to keep warm in the water. They must also make safe choices, as waves can sometimes be large and rough. But many surfers will tell you that the thrill and the peace of being one with the waves makes this sport truly unforgettable!
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