Suddenly İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


İçinde Suddenly (aniden) geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. Suddenly ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

  1. ***I’m suddenly tired.
  2. ***He suddenly fell ill.
  3. ***I suddenly feel sick.
  4. ***It happened suddenly.
  5. ***Tom stopped suddenly.
  6. ***Tom suddenly stopped.
  7. ***Tom appeared suddenly.
  8. ***Tom stood up suddenly.
  9. ***She suddenly kissed me.
  10. ***I suddenly became dizzy.
  11. ***Prices dropped suddenly.
  12. ***Tom suddenly felt tired.
  13. ***Tom suddenly disappeared.
  14. ***I suddenly feel depressed.
  15. ***I’m suddenly very thirsty.
  16. ***suddenly, it became noisy.
  17. ***Our train stopped suddenly.
  18. ***She suddenly became famous.
  19. ***She turned around suddenly.
  20. ***suddenly it began to rain.
  21. ***suddenly, it looks bigger.
  22. ***The gun suddenly went off.
  23. ***He was suddenly very happy.
  24. ***I suddenly became very sad.
  25. ***I suddenly missed my watch.
  26. ***I’m suddenly rather hungry.
  27. ***She gave me a kiss suddenly
  28. ***suddenly, I heard shouting.
  29. ***The bride suddenly laughed.
  30. ***The light came on suddenly.
  31. ***A dog suddenly jumped at me.
  32. ***He closed the door suddenly.
  33. ***It all happened so suddenly.
  34. ***It suddenly started raining.
  35. ***suddenly the light went out.
  36. ***suddenly the telephone rang.
  37. ***suddenly, her face was pale.
  38. ***The ghost vanished suddenly.
  39. ***The light suddenly went out.
  40. ***Tom suddenly got very angry.
  41. ***He suddenly missed his watch.
  42. ***Her face suddenly turned red.
  43. ***suddenly the lights went out.
  44. ***The bridge suddenly gave way.
  45. ***The weather changed suddenly.
  46. ***Then the motor suddenly died.
  47. ***Tom suddenly got very scared.
  48. ***Tom suddenly stopped smiling.
  49. ***Tom suddenly stopped talking.
  50. ***He suddenly became very happy.
  51. ***suddenly, there were gunshots.
  52. ***The gas tank suddenly blew up.
  53. ***Tom suddenly became very busy.
  54. ***Why did Tom leave so suddenly?
  55. ***A good idea suddenly struck me.
  56. ***suddenly, they stopped talking.
  57. ***A good idea suddenly struck her.
  58. ***An old man spoke to me suddenly.
  59. ***He suddenly rose from the chair.
  60. ***I was woken up suddenly at dawn.
  61. ***She suddenly lost consciousness.
  62. ***suddenly there was a rifle shot.
  63. ***suddenly, everything went black.
  64. ***The weather suddenly got warmer.
  65. ***He changed his attitude suddenly.
  66. ***suddenly, a young woman stood up.
  67. ***suddenly, he accelerated the car.
  68. ***suddenly, he changed the subject.
  69. ***suddenly, I saw a beautiful bird.
  70. ***He suddenly started doing an impression of an announcer and we all cracked up.
  71. ***I was walking down the street when suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder.
  72. ***The man who she knew was wanted by the police suddenly appeared at the back door.
  73. ***suddenly, there was a period of terrible violence and hatred between blacks and whites.
  74. ***Sorry, but it all came about so suddenly that I haven’t got a handle on the situation yet.
  75. ***This morning I got a telegram from home saying that my father had been suddenly taken ill.


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