Take Ne Demek – İngilizce Türkçe Anlamı


Take nedir? Take kelimesinin okunuşu, ingilizce ve türkçe karşılığı, ilgili ve türetilmiş kelimeler ve cümle içinde kullanımları.

Take Ne Demek – İngilizce Türkçe Anlamı

“Take Okunuşu”

“Take Türkçe Anlamı”



tahammül etmek
icap etmek
ele geçirmek
elde etmek
kabul etmek
tedavi etmek
etkili olmak
kabul edilmek
oltaya vurmak


tutulan balık miktarı
avalanan hayvan miktarı
kabul etme
alınan taş

“İngilizce Açıklama (Description)”

n. 1 v. To grasp: Take my hand.
2 v. To capture by force, charm, or skill; win: The army took the village; We were taken by the letter’s direct manner.
3 v. To buy or subscribe to: We take a daily newspaper.
4 v. To steal or remove: Someone took my bike.
5 v. slang To cheat: They got taken on the deal.
6 v. To subtract or deduct: Five taken from ten is five.
7 v. To get from a source: lines taken from Shakespeare.
8 v. To occupy or rent: to take a seat; to take a room.


9 v. To hold or let in: The tank takes ten gallons.
10 v. To learn or find out by study or observation: The students took French; The doctor took my temperature.
11 v. To accept or receive: to take a chance; to take an offer.
12 v. To get for oneself; receive ownership of; assume: to take a spouse; to take office.
13 v. To undergo or submit to: to take a beating.
14 v. To become affected with or by: I took cold.
15 v. To become: They all took ill.

16 v. To begin to grow: The seeds took in the soil.
17 v. To catch hold: The fire took at last.
18 v. To receive and respond to: They took the bad news well.
19 v. To feel: They take pride in their son.
20 v. To understand: I took you to mean that you would not go.
21 v. To think of; consider: Take an example; Don’t take life so seriously.
22 v. To use: Take two eggs for this recipe; Please take care.

23 v. To require or need: It takes money to go to college.
24 v. To eat or consume: Can the baby take solid food now?
25 v. To perform or make: to take a step.
26 v. To record, as by photographing or writing down: to take a picture; to take notes.
27 v. To be used with: This verb takes an object.
28 v. To aim or direct: to take a shot; to take a look.
29 v. To carry: Take your book with you.
30 v. To lead or escor t: The road takes you to town; Take us to the movies.
31 v. To travel by: to take a taxi; to take the longer route.
32 n, The act of taking.
33 n. The amount or quantity taken at one time, as of money: The store’s daily take was small.

take after 1 To look or be like; resemble. 2 informal To chase.
take apart To disassemble; dismantle.
take back To withdraw (something said).
take down 1 To write down: Take down this address. 2 To reduce the pride of; humble: We took them down a bit. —take for To mistake or think to be: Don’t take me for a fool.
take in 1 To admit or receive: to take in roomers. 2 To include: The homework assignment: takes in five pages. 3 informal To visit: to take in a show. 4 To make (clothing) smaller. 5 To notice or understand: to take in the situation. 6 informal To fool; trick: He was taken in by the swindler’s lies.

take off 1 To remove: Take off your hat. 2 informal To imitate or mimic. 3 To leave the ground, as an airplane; depart. 4 informal To achieve great popularity: The new product took off.
take on 1 To accept, as a task, duty, or challenge. 2 To hire or employ. 3 informal To show violent emotion: Don’t take on so!
take over To take the leadership or control of.
take place To happen.
take to 1 To grow fond of. 2 To go to: They took to the ship.
take up 1 To raise or lift. 2 To absorb (as moisture or gas). 3 To shorten or tighten. 4 To occupy or use, as space or time. 5 To begin to do, use, or study: to take up ballet.
—take up with informal To become friends with.

“Take Cümle İçinde Kullanımı”



“take care” dikkat etmek
“take off” çıkarmak
“take out” çıkmak
“take away” alıp götürmek
“take place” meydana gelmek
“take it easy” boşver
“take a bow” saygıyla eğil
“take on” üstlenmek


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