To İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – İngilizce To Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde To geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. To’nun ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. To ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

To İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


To İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***Talk to me!
  2. ***Go to sleep.
  3. ***Give it to her.
  4. ***Give it to him.
  5. ***I’ll see to it.
  6. ***It’s up to you.
  7. ***Leave it to me.
  8. ***Listen to this!
  9. ***Don’t lie to me.
  10. ***He began to run.
  11. ***He likes to run.
  12. ***I want to sleep.
  13. ***I’m able to run.
  14. ***I’m able to ski.
  15. ***It is up to you.
  16. ***He gave it to me.
  17. ***He likes to swim.
  18. ***I expect to come.
  19. ***I have to go now.
  20. ***I walk to school.
  21. ***I’m able to swim.
  22. ***Nice to meet you.
  23. ***She likes to run.
  24. ***I am afraid to go.
  25. ***I have to find it.
  26. ***I have to go home.
  27. ***I know how to ski.
  28. ***I know what to do.
  29. ***I listen to music.
  30. ***I seem to be lost.
  31. ***Keep to the right.
  32. ***She began to sing.
  33. ***She decided to go.
  34. ***Do I have to study?
  35. ***He is sure to come.
  36. ***He lied to my face.
  37. ***I had to walk home.
  38. ***I have to dress up.
  39. ***I told him to come.
  40. ***I walked to school.
  41. ***I’m ready to start.
  42. ***It’s fun to travel.
  43. ***May I speak to you?
  44. ***She gave it to him.
  45. ***She goes to school.
  46. ***She is kind to him.
  47. ***She listens to him.
  48. ***She sat next to me.
  49. ***Tell me what to do.
  50. ***They gave it to me.
  51. ***We started to walk.
  52. ***Are you ready to go?
  53. ***Don’t listen to her.
  54. ***He seems to know us.
  55. ***He stuck to his job.
  56. ***He used to love her.
  57. ***I am engaged to her.
  58. ***I am going to study.
  59. ***I have to go to bed.
  60. ***I have to leave now.
  61. ***I want to go abroad.
  62. ***I’d like to see her.
  63. ***I’m glad to see you.
  64. ***I’m trying to sleep.
  65. ***It is going to snow.
  66. ***It’s time to get up.
  67. ***Let’s go to a movie.
  68. ***Let’s go to a movie.
  69. ***May I speak to Bill?
  70. ***Nobody speaks to me.
  71. ***Roll the ball to me.
  72. ***She sat next to him.
  73. ***Try to act your age.
  74. ***We have a lot to do.
  75. ***Welcome to our home.
  76. ***What am I to do now?
  77. ***Are you able to swim?
  78. ***Go back to your seat.
  79. ***He came to my rescue.
  80. ***He is afraid to swim.
  81. ***He is hard to please.
  82. ***He is likely to come.
  83. ***He likes to watch TV.
  84. ***He wants to meet you.
  85. ***I expect him to come.
  86. ***I have got to go now.
  87. ***I have to go to work.
  88. ***I like to eat apples.
  89. ***I need to study math.
  90. ***I wanted to go there.
  91. ***I’d like to kiss you.
  92. ***I’d like to watch TV.
  93. ***It pays to be polite.
  94. ***It’s all Greek to me.
  95. ***She got him to drive.
  96. ***She is able to skate.
  97. ***She stopped to smoke.
  98. ***She told him to stop.
  99. ***She used to date him.
  100. ***She used to hate him.
  101. ***She used to love him.
  102. ***She wants to hug him.
  103. ***The boy began to cry.
  104. ***They stopped to talk.
  105. ***We must go to school.
  106. ***We’re ready to leave.
  107. ***Who put you up to it?
  108. ***Would you like to go?
  109. ***Be kind to old people.
  110. ***Did he go to see Mary?
  111. ***Did he propose to you?
  112. ***Do I need to transfer?
  113. ***Do you like to travel?
  114. ***He had to stay in bed.
  115. ***He is unable to do it.
  116. ***I am too tired to run.
  117. ***I gave my cold to him.
  118. ***I go to bed at eleven.
  119. ***I go to school by bus.
  120. ***I have nothing to say.
  121. ***I must hurry to class.
  122. ***I want to sing a song.
  123. ***I’m glad to hear that.
  124. ***I’m used to the noise.
  125. ***May I sit next to you?
  126. ***Please go to the bank.
  127. ***She agreed to my idea.
  128. ***She beat him to death.
  129. ***She is about to leave.
  130. ***She is engaged to him.
  131. ***She is related to him.
  132. ***She isn’t kind to him.
  133. ***She told him to study.
  134. ***She wants to kiss him.
  135. ***Tom is hard to please.
  136. ***We agreed to the plan.
  137. ***We have time to spare.
  138. ***Are you going to be OK?
  139. ***Do you give to charity?
  140. ***Do you want to be rich?
  141. ***Don’t go back to sleep!
  142. ***Give it to me straight.
  143. ***He has gone to America.
  144. ***He learned how to swim.
  145. ***He likes to read books.
  146. ***He sent a card to Mary.
  147. ***He still wants to come.
  148. ***He was too old to swim.
  149. ***He went to the dentist.
  150. ***Henry wants to see you.
  151. ***How do I get to Gate 5?
  152. ***I decided to buy a car.
  153. ***I need to buy new skis.
  154. ***I sat down next to him.
  155. ***I seem to have a fever.
  156. ***I want to ride a horse.
  157. ***I want to study abroad.
  158. ***I was able to help her.
  159. ***I wish to go to Hawaii.
  160. ***I’d like to rent a car.
  161. ***I’ll leave that to you.
  162. ***I’m trying to remember.
  163. ***It’s time for us to go.
  164. ***It’s time to go to bed.
  165. ***She begged him to stay.
  166. ***She got engaged to him.
  167. ***She got married to him.
  168. ***She is used to cooking.
  169. ***She stood close to him.
  170. ***They’re about to leave.
  171. ***This CD belongs to her.
  172. ***What do you plan to do?
  173. ***What do you want to be?
  174. ***What do you want to do?
  175. ***Would you like to come?
  176. ***Would you like to wait?
  177. ***You ought to thank him.
  178. ***You seem to like fruit.
  179. ***Are you ready to go out?
  180. ***Are you referring to me?
  181. ***Charge it to my account.
  182. ***Do you talk to your dog?
  183. ***He asked us to help him.
  184. ***He doesn’t need to work.
  185. ***He is known to everyone.
  186. ***He is used to traveling.
  187. ***He objected to our plan.
  188. ***He seems unable to swim.
  189. ***He stuck to his promise.
  190. ***How do I get to Gate 33?
  191. ***I don’t want to give up.
  192. ***I have to iron my shirt.
  193. ***I have to take medicine.
  194. ***I just want you to come.
  195. ***I want something to eat.
  196. ***I want to get rid of it.
  197. ***I want to go to college.
  198. ***I want to see the movie.
  199. ***I want to see you again.
  200. ***I wish to see my father.

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