Mevsimler İle İlgili İngilizce Şiirler, Seasons İngilizce Şiirleri, Şiir Örnekleri


İlkbahar, yaz, sonbahar, kış, tüm mevsimler ile ilgili ingilizce şiirler. Mevsimleri anlatan şiirlerin ingilizceleri, hakkında ingilizce şiirler.

dört mevsim


Mevsimler İle İlgili İngilizce Şiirler


The fields are rich with daffodils,
A coat of clover cloaks the hills.
And I must dance, and I must sing
To see the beauty of the spring.


The earth is warm, the sun’s ablaze,
It is a time of carefree days;
And bees abuzz that chance to pass
May see me snoozing in the grass.


The leaves are yellow, red, and brown,
A shower sprinkles softly down;
The air is fragrant, crisp, and cool,
And once again I’m stuck in school.


The birds are gone, the world is white.
The winds are wild, they chill and bite;
The ground is thick with slush and sleet
And I can barely feel my feet.

The last is done, the next is here.
The same as it is every year;
Spring — then sunshine – autumn — snow
That is how each year must go.



Winter is a puff of warm breath and a cold nose
Winter is a snowflake on your tongue
and a shiver down your spine
Winter is playing in the snow
and warming up by the fire
Winter is a sleigh ride
and a hort chocolate with a peppermint stick
Winter is a christmas gift wrapped with a bow


Spring is rain showers and umbrellas
Spring is colorful flowers and green grass
Spring is a new life and rebirth
Spring is sweet fragrance and romance
Spring is Earth’s awakening


Fall is a shivering touch of cold and cozy quilts
Fall is the colors of orange and red and yellow
Frall is a season of pumpkings and scarecrows
Fall is the time of harvesting and saying thanks
Autumn is fall
Fall is autumn


Summer is sunshine and freedom
Summer is playing in the park
and swimming in the pond
Summer is catching fireflies and eating watermelon
Summer is roadtrips and holiday
Summer is a childhood memory

The Four Seasons

The seasons change
Four times a year
From spring to winter
They appear
Spring is wet
The flowers grow
It rains a lot
And melts the snow

Summer is hot
It’s full of sun
There is no school
It’s lots of fun


Fall is cool
The leaves fall down
The colors change
All over town

Winter is cold
The snowflakes fall
We skate and ski
And make snowballs

The seasons change
From sun to snow
And that is all
You need to know

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