10’dan Fazla Was, Were Örnek İngilizce Cümleler, Cümlede Kullanımı


Aşağıda 10’ar adet hem was kullanılmış hem de were kullanılmış İngilizce cümle örneklerinin yer aldığı sayfamız.

Was- Were

  1. Our envoy was accredited to the new government.
  2. She was accredited for saying it.
  3. She was credited for saying it.
  4. It was true that accredited mathematics teachers were few.
  5. Bartholdi was born in Colmar, Alsace, on April 2, 1834.
  6. Its object was to relieve the earth of the Daityas and of the wicked men who oppressed it.
  7. The ninth was in the form of Buddha.
  8. The delivery order was granted under NASA’s indefinite delivery contract II.
  9. At a young age, she suffered from several bouts of lupus, and was hospitalized in December of 2012.
  10. This order was made pursuant to a contract for an indefinite period of indefinite delivery previously granted.
  11. An indefinite curfew was imposed on seven police districts of the city and troops were summoned to restore order.
  12. The youngest of eight children, Francis Bacon was nurtured in the glittering precincts of the court and amid the greatest personages of the realm; he remained a courtier to the end of his life.


  1. Both cities were bombarded by aerial sprayers; the residents were advised to stay indoors at night.
  2. Harpies; in Greek mythology, were monsters with the heads of women and the bodies of vultures.
  3. The women were thirsty and wanted something to drink.
  4. People were talking about them being a championship contender.
  5. It was not necessarily that the rich were more proficient in tax evasion.
  6. The only orders of new diesel locomotives placed during the seventies and eighties were locomotives designed specifically to transport goods.
  7. Despite their protests, they were happy to accept our help.
  8. The fields were flooded by heavy rain.
  9. We were whipped by the wind and the rain.
  10. The trees were leafing after the spring rain.
  11. The Police later conducted a search of her residence for any firearms that were registered under her name.
  12. Although it sounds perfect, Keene warned that those who were sold by it should remember the potential risks of consuming saturated fat, such as heart and cholesterol levels.

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