İngilizce Müzik Türleri (Music Types) İsimleri ve İngilizce Tanıtımları


Müzik türlerinin (music types) ingilizceleri. İngilizce müzik türlerinin isimleri ve kısaca ingilizce olarak tanıtımları, hakkında bilgi.

İngilizce Müzik Türleri (Music Types)

blues music

Blues Music – Bluz, hüzünlü aşk şarkıları

The blues is a form of music that started in the United States during the start of the 20th century. It was started by former African slaves from spirituals, praise songs, and chants. The first blues songs were called Delta blues. These songs came from the area near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Many African Americans were taken to the north esp. in the northwest of the United States, to find work. They took the blues with them and developed it into new styles. The most important is the Chicago Blues, which is played with electric amplified instruments. But other cities and states have their own form of Blues developed from the Delta Blues.

Country Music

Country Music – Amerikan halk müziği

Country music is a form of music that has been enjoyed by people all over the United States for decades. Country music’s strongest appeal is with American rural and small-town populations, but many American cities have a large audience. The music also has listeners in Canada, in England, and worldwide. The popularity of Country comes and goes with each decade. Sometimes a new movie (like Midnight Cowboy or Urban Cowboy), hit record (like “She Believes In Me” by Kenny Rogers), or new performer (like Randy Travis in the 1980s) raises new interest.

Famous singers from this genre include Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, the Judds, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn, Randy Travis, Tanya Tucker, Willie Nelson, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Toby Keith and Hank 3.

Dans Müziği

Dance Music – Dans Müziği

Dance music is music that is made to be danced to. In a broader sense, an enormous amount of music sounds like dance music, even if it is not composed for dancing. The history of dance music is similar to the history of dance as well as to the history of music. Dance music was probably the first kind of music there was. Thousands of years ago human beings must have discovered the joy of making noises by beating sticks in rhythm. They probably danced as they did this.

Rap Müsic

Rap Music (Hip Hop Music) – Rap Müziği

Rapping is a form of singing. It is a mix between singing and talking. The words are spoken with rhythm and in the text there are rhymes. The urban youth made rhyming games based on rap. The beat in the background is a simple loop that is sometimes made by the rapper themself or sometimes copied from a sample CD. The simple loop carries out through the entire song usually, except for the chorus. It developed in the ethnic minority urban (city) areas, as an American form of Jamaican “toasting”

Caz Müzik

Jazz Music – Caz Müzik

Jazz is a type of music which was invented in the United States. Jazz music combines African-American music with European music. Jazz first became popular in the 1910s. It is still a popular music to play and hear because of the different styles. Some common jazz instruments include the saxophone, trumpet, piano, double bass, and drums.

Rhythm and Blues Muzik

Rhythm and Blues Music (R&B) – Rhythm and Blues (R&B veya RnB)

***caz, rap, gospel ve blues karışımı, ilk olarak Afrika kökenli Amerikalıların ürettiği müzik türü.

Rhythm and blues (also known as R&B or RnB) is a popular music genre combining jazz, gospel, and blues influences, first performed by African American artists. It is now performed worldwide by people of many cultures and ethnic groups.

Rock & Roll Music

Rock and Roll Music – Rakın rol Müziği

Rock and roll is a form of rock music developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Rock music combines many kinds of music from the United States, such as country music, folk music, gospel music, work, blues and jazz. Rock and roll developed in the early 1950s from a kind of music called rhythm and blues performed by black singers and musicians. At first, this music was popular only with African-Americans. In the later 1950s and in the 1960s, rock and roll became popular across the United States and in Europe.

Rock Müzik

Rock Music – Rock Müzik

Rock music is a genre of popular music. It developed during and after the 1960s in the United States. It originally started in the 1940s and 1950s with the start of rock and roll. Rock and roll grew out of rhythm and blues and country music. Rock music is related to a number of other genres such as blues and folk. It has influences from jazz, classical and other music genres.

Musically, rock mostly uses the electric guitar as part of a rock group with bass guitar and drums. Rock music is song-based. It has a 4/4 beat and it has verse-chorus form. However, rock has become very different and it is hard to say what its common musical instruments are. Like popular music, rock music lyrics are mostly about “romantic love”. They can also have social or have political themes, however. Rock focuses on musical skill, live performance, and it tries to be more real than pop music.

Soul Müzik

Soul Music – Soul

R&B ve siyahi kilise müziğinden elementler içeren, Amerikalı siyahiler tarafından popüler hale getirilmiş müzik türü

Soul music is a kind of music that mixes rhythm and blues, gospel music and pop music. It started in the 1960s in the United States. Features of Soul Music are call and response, hand claps, body movement and a tense vocal sound. Ray Charles is said to be inventor of Soul with his song “I Got a Woman”. Soul is energetic music with main subjects of lyrics being love, dance and life. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame states that soul is “music that arose out of the black experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm & blues into a form of funky, secular testifying.” Recently, singers like Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse and Adele are known as Blue Eyed Soul singers. In some variations of soul brass and saxophones are used a lot.

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