İşsizlik (Unemployement) İle İlgili İngilizce Yazı, Kompozisyon Örnekleri


İşsizlik (unemployment) ile ilgili ingilizce yazı, makale örneği. İşsizlik hakkında ingilizce kısa ve uzun kompozisyon örnekleri


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İşsizlik İle İlgili İngilizce Yazılar


Unemployment is an issue that plagues almost every country. When the number of jobs demanded by the youth and others in a country exceeds the number of available jobs there is unemployment. Unemployment has deleterious effects on the society and the economy of the country.

Unemployed persons are unable to meet their requirements of food, clothing and shelter. The unemployed would form part of the poorer sections of society. With greater unemployment there is greater poverty.

Without access to nutritious food, the poor and unemployed become vulnerable to develop illnesses and diseases of malnutrition that may become fatal too. Those who lack a livelihood, and are thus deprived of resources, may also lack access to hygiene and cleanliness that may make them susceptible to ill health. Unemployed people are also liable to develop psychological conditions requiring medical attention.

With greater unemployment there is an increase in the number of homeless persons and street dwellers. Unemployment is also responsible for increased beggary. When people are unable to satisfy their needs due to lack of sufficient resources, they take to begging.

With increased unemployment there is also a high rate of crime such as murder, rape, robbing, burglary and cheating in society.



Unemployment is an issue of concern in countries around the globe. Unemployment refers to people not being gainfully employed. In other words, they do not engage in productive activity that helps them earn their livelihood. Employment does not refer to staying active but instead to be employed gainfully. When people are gainfully employed they also take active part in the growth, development and progress of the nation in the positive and desirable direction ensuring prosperity and peace of the citizens at large.

Unemployment leads to many social ills

Unemployment is a social ill that leads to many other social ills. Where unemployment rates are high, there is a greater incidence of activities that disturb and disrupt society. The incidence of murders and rapes increases when there is a high level of unemployment. Similarly, robberies and burglaries are the outcome of high unemployment rates. Addiction to alcohol and drugs also go up, that lead to many other issues that destroy peace and well-being in society. When unemployment is high, people find some means or the other, which may be unlawful or illicit, to be able to get the resources to satisfy their basic necessities.

Unemployment leads to beggary

Unemployment also increases the level of beggary in the country. When people are unemployed, they resort to beggary so that they can at least feed and clothe themselves. The number of homeless, who live out on the streets, whether the climate is cold or hot, also increases when people do not have the resources to find a roof above their heads.

The unemployed also become victims of ill-health

When people are unemployed they become lazy. Laziness is the root of many health conditions, both physical and mental. That an idle mind is a devil’s workshop is a well-known saying. There is an increase in the number of persons needing psychiatric assistance when there is a high level of unemployment. People suffer from depression when they are unemployed. There is a high percentage of suicides too in society when people are unemployed. When the needs and wants of life are not met, and there seems to be no possibility of finding a livelihood, people are drawn to end their lives.

The government of the country needs to come up with ways to solve unemployment. More jobs need to be made available to the youth. The education system too needs to be revamped so that the educated youth and others are skilled to take up jobs and find a source of livelihood.


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