U Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları, Baş Harfi U İngilizce Fiiller


U harfiyle başlayan ingilizce fiiller, 2. ve 3. halleri (past, past participle) ve türkçe anlamları. U ile İngilizce fiiller (verbs) listesi.

U Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları

U Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları

Verb / Simple Past / Past Participle / Türkçesi

  • unbend / unbent / unbent / doğrultmak, düzeltmek
    He was bending and unbending his fingers.
  • underbid / underbid / underbid / düşük teklif vermek
  • undergo / underwent / undergone / maruz kalmak, başına gelmek
    Fleas are oviparous, and undergo a very complete metamorphosis
  • underlie / underlay / underlain / altında olmak
    We discussed the principles that underlay their methods.
  • underpay / underpaid / underpaid / daha az ücret ödemek
    The company underpays its workers.
    They are underpaid for the work they do.
  • undersell / undersold / undersold / daha ucuza satmak
    When we take foreign markets in that way, it is only done by underselling them, and it only hits us back in the long run.
  • understand / understood / understood / anlamak
    He doesn’t really understand the situation.
    You should read the book in order to understand more about the subject.
    Miss Fuller and Miss Sullivan could understand me, but most people would not have understood one word in a hundred
  • undertake / undertook / undertaken / üzerine almak, anlaşmak
    He’s undertaking a thorough search
  • underwrite / underwrote / underwritten / altına yazmak
    No bank would be willing to underwrite such a loss.
  • undo / undid / undone / çözmek, açmak
    You can’t undo the past.
  • unfreeze / unfroze / unfrozen / eritmek, serbest bırakmak
    The warm weather unfroze the lake.
  • unsay / unsaid / unsaid / dile getirmemek
    He could not unsay what he had said, and to attempt to trim would only provoke her scorn
  • unwind / unwound / unwound / açmak, çözmek
    He’d messed around with Jenn only a few hours earlier and already felt the need to unwind again
  • uphold / upheld / upheld / yukarı tutmak
    They have a responsibility to uphold the law.
  • upset / upset / upset / üzmek, alt üst etmek
    I try not to let her make me upset.
  • Use / Used / Used / kullanmak
    She used to be a long-distance runner when she was younger.

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