E Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları, Baş Harfi E İngilizce Fiiller


E harfiyle başlayan ingilizce fiiller, 2. ve 3. halleri (past, past participle) ve türkçe anlamları. E ile İngilizce fiiller (verbs) listesi.

E Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları

E Harfi İle Başlayan İngilizce Fiiller ve Anlamları

Verb / Simple Past / Past Participle / Türkçesi

  • Earn / Earned / Earned / kazanmak
    Do not purchase items that you cannot afford as a way to earn travel rewards points.
  • eat / ate / eaten / yemek
    We’re going to eat before we leave, and you’re going to act grateful.
    Don’t forget them, for I may have to eat them, after all.
  • Employ / Employed / Employed / kullanmak
    Boot factories employ 40,000 workmen, glove manufactories the same number.
  • Encourage / Encouraged / Encouraged / teşvik etmek
    It was intended to encourage her, but it was more a distraction
  • Enjoy / Enjoyed / Enjoyed / hoşlanmak
    They would have some time to enjoy a late Christmas at home when they returned.
    You enjoy baiting me too much for me to trust you.
    I enjoy a challenge.
  • Establish / Established / Established / kurmak
    How can he establish authenticity selling health products while he’s smoking those things?
    It takes time for me to establish motion and I got a late start.
  • Estimate / Estimated / Estimated / tahmin etmek
    Large as the estimate for 1914 was, it was attacked by naval experts as inadequate.
    He seemed ever to act from a severe and lofty estimate of duty.
  • Exercise / Exercised / Exercised / egzersiz yapmak
    It was an interesting mental exercise and said much about the desires of the participants.
    Just exercise a little caution, have patience, good equipment and lots of common sense.
  • Expand / Expanded / Expanded / genişletmek
    A body made up of molecules of this kind will expand on heating.
    They’ll be doing well simply to recoup losses, let alone expand.
    Expand by sending settlers out to create new cities.
    How do you decide whether to continue to expand your growing family?
  • Explain / Explained / Explained / açıklamak
    There are three small rooms upstairs but we’ll explain about them later.

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