Nephew İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler, Nephew Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde Nephew geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler ve anlamları. Nephew ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. Nephew ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri

Nephew İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

Nephew İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***My sister enjoys keeping her nephew in the afternoons and it helps me get work done as well.
  2. ***His brother’s son was the only nephew in the family since all of the other children were girls.
  3. ***Watching her nephew saunter down the drive, the proud aunt couldn’t help but notice how much he resembled her late brother.
  4. ***My nephew will be watching my dog at his house while I join his parents on a sibling ski trip.
  5. ***Each nephew received a football as a gift from the aunts and uncles of the football crazed family.
  6. ***Tom is my nephew.
  7. ***I have two nephews.
  8. ***Is Tom your nephew?
  9. ***Tom is Mary’s nephew.
  10. ***I have a nephew. He’s a bartender.
  11. ***Tom isn’t Mary’s son, but her nephew.
  12. ***My sister’s son Jimmy is my favorite nephew.
  13. ***John is my nephew.
  14. ***My nephew is allergic to eggs.
  15. ***He is not my son, but my nephew.
  16. ***All her money went to her nephew.
  17. ***My nephew was excused because of his youth.
  18. ***My nephew was accustomed to staying up late.
  19. ***A nephew is a son of one’s brother or sister.
  20. ***I have a nephew who would be perfect for this job.
  21. ***Because my nephew was still young, he was forgiven.
  22. ***Since my nephew was still young, he was let off the hook.
  23. ***She refused to put up with her boisterous nephews anymore.
  24. ***Because my nephew was still young, they cut him some slack.
  25. ***My younger sister has two sons, which means I have two nephews.
  26. ***According to the contract you may take three days of bereavement leave for your uncle’s funeral, but only one for your nephew‘s.
  27. I don’t like my nephew at all.

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