Süper Kahramanlarla İlgili İngilizce Şiirler, Akrostiş Superman Spiderman


Süper kahramanlar (Superheros) hakkında ingilizce şiirler. Spiderman, Superman, batman, flash konulu akrostiş şiirler, hero şiirleri.

Süper Kahramanlarla İlgili İngilizce Şiirler

Süperman ingilizce şiir


Clark Kent worked as a journalist
He would probe and persist
He did his best to impress
He wanted to succeed I guess

But he had an alter ego
He was also Superman the super hero
It was his duty to combat crime
And allow the public to enjoy a peaceful time

Lex Luthor was an evil dude
He was cruel, wicked and rude
He found out Superman’s weakness
Kryptonite would make him useless

But Superman was a noble breed
He was determined to succeed
He overcame Luthor and others
That criminal band of brothers


For the moment the city is safe and secure
Superman will be vigilant you can be sure
We can all sleep peacefully at night
Superman will always win the fight

Örümcek Adam

Kaynak: pixabay.com


S is for Sohistication, that reflects from your style,
P is Phenomenal, with extraordinary qualities
I is for Impeccable, you strive to excel
D is for devoted, to everything you believe in
E is for Eminent, your vibrant thoughts
R is for Refreshing, the way you think
M is for Modesti to the core
A is for Able, potential to achieve big
N is for Naive, your eyes behold innocence


S is for Self-made, exploring your own path
U is for Unstoppable, when you are determined
P is for Polished, never one to talk dirty
E is for Earthy, your approach toweards life
R is for Romantic, a free spirit
M is for Merry, the times with you
A is for Adaptablei always ready to adjust
N is for Nourishing, in every relation

Batman İngilizce Şiir

Batman in Gotham City

Batman tried hard to stop crime
To help Gotham City have a peaceful time
But his enemies did their best
To put his skills to the test
With rivals such as The Joker and Harley Quinn
They really got under his skin
But Batman was ready for the fight
His enemies would disappear into the night
He brought an end to evil and corruption
Gotham City could prosper without interuption
Lets give Batman a round of applause

The Flash

About 5:30 p.m.
during the downpour,
after dinner,
around the cars,
behind the oak trees,
under the clouds,
outside of Central City,
without help,
through the crime infested city,
against the wind,
to teh enemy headquarters,
fought The Flash!


The Superhero in me

Today I am not ordinary but an
extraordinary being
Today I am a Superhero i disguise
reaching amazing heights
Today I am strong when I feel week and
brave when I am scared
Today I am better than I was yesterday
Today I am courageous to put on my
cape and be my own SUPERHERO
Today I believe I am
flying high

I am Superhero

I am a super hero,
What shall ı wear today?
I think I’ll put my boots on
The ones that I fly all day!

Five Superheros

Five superheros brave,
Looking for someone to save,
They heard a crash,
One flew off in a flash,
Faster than a gravity wave,

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