Yaz Mevsimi İle İlgili İngilizce Şiirler, Summer Season Poems, Şiirleri


Yaz mevsimi, summer ile ilgili ingilizce şiir örnekleri. Yaz mevsimini anlatan şiir örnekleri, summer hakkında ingilizce şiirler.

Yaz Mevsimi İle İlgili İngilizce Şiirler

Yaz Mevsimi İle İlgili İngilizce Şiirler

Missing Summer

the grass so green,
the sun so bright,
life seems a dream,
no worries in sight

tans and tank tops,
laughter and bliss,
each moment passes,
without even a miss

friends and cookouts,
memories and laughs,
good times to remember,
but how long will it last

the grass soon fades,
leaves begin to fall,
school replaces sleepovers,
oh I’ll miss it all



I love summer! Summer is hot.
It’s sun and shade.
It’s water to wade.
It’s frogs and bugs.
It’s grass for rugs.

It’s eating outside.
It’s a tree-swing ride.
It’s tomatoes and corn.
It’s dew in the morn.

It’s dogs and boys
And lots of noise.
It’s a hot sunny sky.
It’s summer. That’s why…..
I love summer.

Summer Morning

I saw dawn creep across the sky,
And all the gulls go flying by.
I saw the sea put on its dress
Of blue midsummer loveliness,

And heard the trees begin to stir
Green arms of pine and juniper.
I heard the wind call out and say:
‘Get up, my dear, it is today!’


When it’s hot
I take my shoes off
I take my shirt off
I take my pants off
I take my underwear off
I take my whole body off
and throw it in the river.



In my head I hear a humming:
Summer, summer summer’s coming.
Soon we’re going on vacation
But there is a complication:
Day by day the problem’s growing-
We don’t know yet where we’re going!

Mother likes the country best;
That’s so she can read and rest.
Dad thinks resting is a bore;
He’s for fishing at the shore.
Sailing is my brother’s pick;
Sailing makes my sister sick;
She says swimming’s much more cool,
Swimming in a swimming pool.
As for me, why, I don’t care,
I’d be happy anywhere!

In my head I hear a humming:
Summer, summer, summer’s coming.
Soon we’re going on vacation
But we have a complication:
Day by day the problem’s growing-
Where oh where will we be going?

Mary Ann Hoberman

Summer brings us nice warm sun
For swimming, fishing, and lots of fun;
For finding seashells in the sand;
For sunbathing to get a tan;
To do all these things and more
At the beach and seashore.


Sweet as a berry
Summer is merry
Popsicles and lemonade
A memory that will never fade
Vacations and going to the pool
Of course Summer has one rule
Always have FUN
Out in the sun


Skinny Body,
Sun bleached hair,
Ocean winds creating knotty hair

Awkward tan lines
Awesome nights
Barefoot blackness
Bright, take-your-breath-away lights

Noon awakenings,
Out past dark,
Don’t tell my parents what happened when it got dark

Hot guys,
Frizzy hair,
Summer romance in the air

Endless Eternity,
Daunting Dares,
Bold Bravery,
Stupidity Scares,


Shooting star wishes
Firework fun
Banana splits eaten on the roof while taking in the sun

Lack of clothes,
Lack of restraint,
Lack of responsibility,
Lack of saints

Friendly hellos
Sad goodbyes
Lots of tears
Starry eyes
Broken rules,
Heavy hearts,
Summer romances coming apart

Fading memories
Algebra F’s
Parental Control
Gosh, Septembers a mess

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