2019 Yılının İngilizce Kelimesi “Existential” Türkçe Anlamı, Örnek Cümleler


2019 yılınının İngilizce kelimesi seçilen “Existential” kelimesinin Türkçe anlamı ile birlikte “Existential” ile ilgili kurulmuş örnek cümleler.

2019 Yılının İngilizce Kelimesi "Existential" Türkçe Anlamı - Örnek Cümleler

  • Existential Türkçe Karşılığı / Anlamı : Varoluşsal

Existential İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. Perhaps the most existential question is “what is the meaning of life?”
  2. After twenty years in the same job, he fell into an existential crisis, wondering why anything mattered.
  3. Donald Trump did not go West on an existential errand; the end of his journey was known.
  4. I recognize no human moral authority outside my existential self.
  5. Among right-wing circles this perception simply intensified their existential feeling of Angst, of having lost their bearings.
  6. This struck me as one of those existential moments in the life of a happily married woman.
  7. Existential propositions, contextually indispensable though they might be, are not logically essential for a complete description of the world.
  8. Initially, it was the existential absurdity of his predicament that reduced Sooty to silence.
  9. Existential claims are more naturally expressed within the context of a specific domain of discourse.
  10. “What if there’s nothing left at all?” he cries, lost in some intense existential angst.
  11. Having reached the middle of his life, the man found himself in an existential crisis, wondering what the point was to it all.
  12. He found himself in an existential quandary, unsure of which path would lead to happiness.
  13. Philosophy is more concerned with the existential questions than solving practical problems.
  14. Her guidance counselor suggested she pursue a different path, which left her asking existential questions about her role in life.
  15. After failing yet again, the young man found himself in an existential crisis.
  16. The existential search for a meaning in life is often met with disappointment.
  17. Fed up with all of the existential theories, the student decided to change his major and avoid philosophy in the future.
  18. Religion often looks to answer the most existential questions.

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