Arkadaşlık – Friendship İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar, İngilizce Güzel Sözler


Arkadaşlık, arkadaşlığın önemi, friendship, dostluk ile ilgili ingilizce slogan örnekleri. Arkadaşlık ile ilgili ingilizce güzel sözler.

Arkadaşlık – Friendship İle İlgili İngilizce Sloganlar

  • ***True friends are best supporter in difficult times.
  • ***Make friendship to double your joy and happiness.
  • ***Having a true friendship is like living in heaven.
  • ***Cut your sorrow and sadness by having true friends.
  • ***True friends share and support in all the problems!
  • ***Making friendship is easy but maintaining it is too tough.
  • ***True friends have capability to turn life positively.
  • ***There are various relationships but the best one is friendship.
  • ***A true friend never walks away from your problems.
  • ***Friendship is a best ship which can lead you on world tour.
  • ***Friendship is a best ship which no one can buy with money.
  • ***True friendship is a best ship on which you can travel whole life without any problem.
  • ***Only a true friend can walk with us side by side.
  • ***A true friend never left his/her friend back in darkness.
  • ***No one is lucky than a person who gets a faithful friend.
  • ***No one is rich than a person who has a true friend.
  • ***A true friend never walks out by leaving you in difficulties.
  • ***One is the richest person on earth who has true friendship.
  • ***A friend is a person who believes on us blindly.
  • ***A true friend makes friendship to a beautiful heart not a beautiful face.
  • ***Two friends may have different culture, behaviour and thoughts but live in one friendship.
  • ***A true friend always promotes and encourages to make us confident and successful.

  • ***Good friends always try to make us good.
  • ***A true friend is an important part of happy life.
  • ***A true friend is essential in everyone’s life.
  • ***A good friend is always there for us.
  • ***Having a true friend is proud to us!
  • ***Having a true friend is the matter of proud.
  • ***Friends are special gift by God on the earth.
  • ***True friends are sent by God to help us on the earth.
  • ***True friends are good leaders for us.
  • ***No one is true helper like a friend!
  • ***True friends love and care their friends heartily.
  • ***A true friendship is more than any other relationship on the earth.
  • ***A friend is always there to over our loneliness.
  • ***A good friend is the form of God to take us out of difficulties.
  • ***Have a friend forever to be happy.

  • ***A friend cares us, not for his benefits but to see us really happy.
  • ***A friend forever ignores you never.
  • ***True friends are rare like a full moon.
  • ***Friendship is like a flower and ready to bloom ever.
  • ***A friend is always fair who care.
  • ***Friends make us pride as they always take our side.
  • ***True friends cover us from their feathers when they remain together.
  • ***True friends share our sorrow for our better tomorrow.
  • ***True friends are rare even when we search them everywhere.
  • ***A good friend always has time for you.


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