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The Ugly Duckling

Çirkin Ördek Yavrusu (The Ugly Duckling) İngilizce Özeti

Çirkin Ördek Yavrusu (The Ugly Duckling);

A little duckling was very sad because he thought he was the ugliest amongst all his brothers and sisters. They would not play with him and teased the poor ugly duckling. One day, he saw his reflection in the water and cried, “Nobody likes me. I am so ugly.” He decided to leave home and went far away into the woods.

Deep in the forest, he saw a cottage in which there lived an old woman, her hen, and her cat. The duckling stayed with them for some time but he was unhappy there and soon left. When winter set in the poor duckling almost froze to death. A peasant took him home to his wife and children. The poor duckling was terrified of the children and escaped. The ugly duckling spent the winter in a marshy pond.

Finally, spring arrived. One day, the duckling saw a beautiful swan swimming in the pond and fell in love with her. But then he remembered how everyone made fun of him and he bent his head down in shame. When he saw his own reflection in the water he was astonished. He was not an ugly duckling anymore, but a handsome young swan! Now, he knew why he had looked so different from his brothers and sisters. “They were ducklings but I was a baby swan!” he said to himself.

He married the beautiful swan and lived happily ever after.


Discussion Questions:

Was the “ugly duckling” really ugly? If so, what made him ugly? Did he stop being ugly at the end of the story?
What does ugly mean?
Would the “ugly duckling” still be ugly if someone thought he was beautiful?
What is beauty?
How do we decide what is beautiful and what is not?
If you’re ugly, are you always ugly, and if you’re beautiful, are you always beautiful?
Are the following things beautiful?
-a sunrise
-The Mona Lisa
-a smile
-a song
-a feeling
-a thought
-a painting
If the ugly duckling believed he was beautiful, would that make him more likely to be seen as beautiful?
What does it mean to have “inner beauty?”
Can someone be a terrible person and still be beautiful? An extraordinarily wonderful person and be ugly?
Is there some objective standard of beauty—so that everyone in any time and place would agree that this particular person or object is beautiful—or does it depend on where and when you live, and on what you think? If it depends on individual perspectives and circumstances, is beauty real or is it just something people make up?
Why does beauty matter to us?
What does it feel like when something is beautiful to us? Is this always true?

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