Hentbol (Handball) İngilizce Kuralları


Hentbol (Handball) oyununun ingilizce kuralları. Hentbol nasıl oynanır, ingilizce anlatımı, Handball rules.

hentbol-1Hentbol (Handball) İngilizce Kuralları;

-Game consists of two teams that are made up of 7 players each

-One player must defend goal of respective team

-Two referees: one for the court, one for the goal

-Normal games are 60 minutes long, with two-30 minutes halves

-Players can take up to three whole steps with the ball

-Each team has to attack the goal when in possession of the ball, otherwise they will be penalized

-A throw-in occurs when the ball goes out-of-bounds

-A foul occurs when a player endangers an opponent, dives on the floor for a rolling ball or intentionally knocks the ball out of the hands of an opponent

-A free throw is awarded when a foul occurs and is then taken from between the nine-meter line and the goal line

-A seven-meter throw occurs when players on an opposing team intentionally break the rules of the game in denying a potential scoring attempt

-A goal-throw occurs when a ball is deflected out of bounds by an offensive player around the goal area

-A yellow card is a warning given to a player for violating a game rule(player only gets one and team only gets three)

-A red card is when a referee disqualifies a player from a game based on unsportsmanlike conduct/excessive red cards

International Rules of the Game:

These rules are very similar to those of the standard rules of the game, but have a few additions to some of them:

-In each game, not only should there be two referees overseeing the action, but also a timekeeper and scorekeeper to equally keep track of the time and score of the game

-International rules call for more ways for a referee to call unsportsmanlike conduct by a player including: a goalkeeper doesn’t try to stop a seven-meter throw and if a free-throw shooter hits an opposing player’s head and the opposing player is not moving their head in the area where the ball was traveling.

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