High (Yüksek) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler – High Cümle İçinde Kullanımı


İçinde High geçen ingilizce örnek cümleler. High kelimesinin ingilizce cümle içinde kullanımı. High ile ilgili ingilizce cümle örnekleri.

High (Yüksek) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler


High (Yüksek) İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

  1. ***She can jump high.
  2. ***The waves are high.
  3. ***I have a high fever.
  4. ***How high is Mt. Fuji?
  5. ***He receives a high salary.
  6. ***How high is that mountain?
  7. ***He’s a high school student.
  8. ***I have high blood pressure.
  9. ***Tom is a high school student.
  10. ***Are you a high school student?
  11. ***I was kicked out of high school.
  12. ***She danced with him at the high school prom.
  13. ***Tom got angry with the high school students.
  14. ***She made up her mind to graduate from high school.
  15. ***Mary was John’s girlfriend all through high school.
  16. ***I can’t believe that you really sold that junk for such a high price.
  17. ***Spending time with your significant other should be high on your priority list.
  18. ***He was exiled to an island for the crime of high treason.
  19. ***Mike is in the second year of high school and Ann is too.
  20. ***No other mountain in the world is so high as Mt. Everest.
  21. ***The standards for admission to this school are very high.
  22. ***The umpire sits in a high chair at the side of the court.
  23. ***There are many housewives who complain about high prices.
  24. ***When I was in high school, I got up at six every morning.
  25. ***high tariffs have become a barrier to international trade.
  26. ***I’d gladly pay more for something if it’s of high quality.
  27. ***Rice farming has been developed to a high degree in Japan.
  28. ***The boats had to get close to shore and land at high tide.
  29. ***This is my friend Rachel. We went to high school together.
  30. ***Today’s housewives do nothing but complain of high prices.
  31. ***Tom had a crush on Mary when he was in junior high school.
  32. ***Tom is having trouble coping with the high cost of living.
  33. ***How to overcome the high value of the yen is a big problem.
  34. ***If I win the lottery, I’ll be able to live high on the hog.
  35. ***Japanese high school students go to school 35 weeks a year.
  36. ***John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed “Mr high.”
  37. ***Mary is only taller than Tom when she’s wearing high heels.
  38. ***Mt. Everest is higher than any other mountain in the world.
  39. ***She didn’t factor the high cost of repairs into the budget.
  40. ***Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.
  41. ***When I got out of bed, the sun was already high in the sky.
  42. ***A high degree of specialization is required in that company.
  43. ***Every time I hear that song, I think of my high school days.
  44. ***I was a member of the soccer club when I was in junior high.
  45. ***The words above the door of the theater were one meter high.
  46. ***When he would not give them higher pay, they went on strike.
  47. ***Despite searching high and low, Tom couldn’t find his wallet.
  48. ***Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is 3776 meters high.
  49. ***Our mountains aren’t really very high. Yours are much bigger.
  50. ***The higher he rose in social rank, the more modest he became.
  51. ***”It’s high time you took a vacation,” Jim’s boss said to him.
  52. ***As global warming increases, sea levels get higher and higher.
  53. ***Did I tell you I now teach at the high school near your house?
  54. ***James Bond was always depicted as a high roller in his movies.
  55. ***The price of gasoline is so high that we cannot buy a big car.
  56. ***They began to import liquor illegally to sell for high prices.
  57. ***Did you like your teachers when you were in junior high school?
  58. ***How often did you play basketball when you were in high school?
  59. ***I didn’t know that the cost of living was so high in Australia.
  60. ***I never hear that song without remembering my high school days.
  61. ***Our price is considerably higher than the current market price.
  62. ***This dictionary is primarily intended for high school students.
  63. ***What’re you planning to do after you graduate from high school?
  64. ***I think that thirty dollars is too high a price to pay for this.
  65. ***The high court decided to try the fugitive warlord in abstentia.
  66. ***Tom Jackson is one of the world’s highest-priced tax consultants.
  67. ***What’s the name of that fat girl you used to date in high school?

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