İngilizce Banka Diyalog Örnekleri


Bir bankada hesap açmak, atm kullanmak, banka işlemleri sırasında oluşabilecek ingilizce diyaloglara örnekler. İngilizce diyalog örnekleri.

İngilizce Banka Diyalog

İngilizce Banka Diyalog Örnekleri

A: How are you doing today?
B: Great. Thanks.
A: What can I help you with?
B: I would like to open a bank account.
A: What kind would you like to open?
B: I need a checking account.
A: Would you also like to open a savings account?
B: That’s fine.
A: In order to open these accounts, you need to deposit a minimum of $50.
B: I want to deposit $300.
A: I’ll set up your accounts for you right now.
B: Make sure to put $150 in each account.

A: How are things with you?
B: I’m fine. Thank you.
A: May I help you with something?
B: I want to open a bank account.
A: Do you know what kind of account you want to open?
B: I want to open a checking account.
A: You should also open a savings account.
B: That would be great.
A: To open these accounts, you will need to make a deposit of at least $50.
B: I would actually like to deposit $300 today.
A: Let me do that for you now.
B: Please put $150 in each account for me


A: I need to use the ATM.
B: What’s stopping you?
A: I’m not sure how.
B: I don’t understand.
A: I’ve never used one before.
B: I can help you figure it out.
A: What do I have to do?
B: Slide your card into the machine.
A: Then what?
B: You need to type your PIN in.
A: What do I have to do next?
B: Click on whichever option you want, and you’re done.


A: Can I help you with something?
B: I need to cancel one of my accounts.
A: Is there a problem with it?
B: I don’t need it anymore.
A: What would you like to do with all the money in this account?
B: Just transfer it over to my remaining account.
A: I can do that.
B: That would be great.
A: Do you want to take any money out?
B: Not today.
A: It’s going to take a moment for me to cancel your account.
B: That’s fine. Take your time.

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